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#ShootingRange No. Some War Thunder pilots can’t help overreacting when their aircraft gets damaged. Well, it’s totally understandable when your engine is dying just a few kilometers from the landing field or when you can barely control your tail. Those are real, life-threatening problems. Today we take a look at another rare tank in war thunder, the BT-7 F-32. I like to think of this tank as a discount BT-42 since Gaijin decided to give us thi.

As 42 War Thunder Game

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Gaijin Entertainment starts a long-term collaboration with the Russian Kubinka Tank Museum.

As 42 War Thunder

This report about the Sturmhaubitze 42 self-propelled howitzer restоration is just the first result of this new partnership. War Thunder players already saw some of the 360 tanks exhibited in Kubinka. The museum provided the Soviet T-34-85 and the German Pz. Kpfw IV medium tanks for display on War Thunder Igromir 2013 Expo stand, where we presented the upcoming Ground Forces. See the video about that event.

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As 42 War Thunder Download

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War Thunder As 42

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