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Chair of the Finance and Organization Committees for the Berkley Downtown Development Authority Member of the Coolidge Avenue Action Task Force Committee Member of the Berkley Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Infrastructure Improvements. Accompanying them is an ample assortment of task chairs and storage, workspace and outdoor solutions, all awaiting your consideration. The Studio’s friendly, knowledgeable team also is on hand to provide a host of complimentary Design Services, including one-on-one consultations, in-home visits, 3-D renderings of your spaces and plenty of. A well-edited workspace calls for a carefully-curated chair – and this design is it! It offers supreme comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape and features a durable frame with soft filling. Its classic design along with its gorgeous pattern makes this chair a must-have in your home office.

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We have a vast selection of gently used office furniture that is ever-changing at our showroom in Oak Park, MI. Don’t get “used” confused with “bad quality.” When clients come to us looking to outfit their office with brand new furniture, they typically are looking for a place to take the furniture they are replacing. We help them by taking it off of their hands to make room for their new office equipment. All of our used furniture is in great condition, just waiting for you to come along. From desks to seating, cubicles to storage, and more, trust Discount Office Equipment to help you outfit all of your office furniture needs. For questions concerning our inventory or pricing, call us at (248) 548-6904 or visit our used office furniture showroom today!

We have designed several home offices recently. Although different people have different demands, there is one common thing everyone desires–ergonomic design for office chairs and desks that are able to support our body when we work. Switching to an Aeron office chair can be the best thing you can ever do for your back as it encourages your body to adapt the correct posture during extended periods of sitting. Pressure on the lower spinal area is lessened and your thighs benefit from better blood circulation. Here are some photos of installation from our job

Berkley Task Chair Replacement

Berkley task chairBerkley task chair coversBerkley Task Chair

The sit-and-stand desk is probably the most requested item by our clients.Studies have show that it is really bad for us if we sit too long even though we work out every day. So the sit-and-stand desk really gives us an option to keep our body move even when we still work in front of the desk.


Berkley Task Chairs

Using a standing desk encourages people to spend less time sitting and more time standing, according to a meta-analysis of 53 studies published in the journal Applied Ergonomics in February 2019. What’s more, a 2016 study found that call center employees with sit-stand desks were almost 50% more productive than their colleagues who sat in the office.

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Berkley Task Chair Covers

Berkley Task Chair

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Berkley Task Chair Walmart

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Berkley Task Chair Sale

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