Dero Space Saver

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You might find a bike rack you've never used before - here's a quick guide.

Aug 29, 2016 - Explore Dero Bike Racks's board 'Dero Dream Bike Room', followed by 289 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bike room, bike, bike room design. The Ultra Space Saver Single is your parking solution. The Single parks your bike vertically and mounts onto nearly any wall type. U-lock capabilities make this rack great for property managers as well for home storage use. 5522 Lakeland Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55429 (888)337-6729.

Vertical racks accommodate lots of bikes in a small space.

  1. Pivot bike onto the rear wheel.
  2. Using hip and thigh for leverage, raise the bike to hang the front wheel on a peg.
  3. Lock bike to space saver arm. Lock both your frame and a wheel.
  4. Using an additional lock for the other wheel is recommended.
Dero space saver squared

Double decker racks accommodate lots of bikes in a small space. Some are lift-assist...

  1. Pull down upper tray using red grips
  2. Flip bike up onto the rear wheel
  3. Use leg for leverage to place the bike on the tray
  4. Secure front wheel with the red lever
  5. Secure bike with U lock (locking your frame and wheel onto the rack).
  6. Using an additional lock for the other wheel is recommended.
  7. Raise tray into position

And some do not have a lift assist...

  1. Lift bike up to upper bike tray, securing the front wheel in the slot.
  2. Rotate Locking bar into place
  3. Make sure your lock secures both frame and wheel.

Dero Space Saver

Smart Bike Racks (Bikeep)

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Your registered Clipper card is your personal key to lock and unlock the rack.

Dero ultra space saver
  1. Choose any available rack, then tap your Clipper Card to wake it up.
  2. An available rack will blink steadily - Ready to Lock
  3. Swing locking arm closed to secure your frame and a wheel. Secure your other wheel with a personal lock.
  4. Check the bar to make sure it's locked!

Dero Space Saver

  • Dero Ultra Space Saver

    Dero’s Ultra Space Saver Squared offers high-security, vertical bike parking.

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  • Dero Duplex

    The Dero Duplex doubles the capacity of your bike parking area with secure, efficient, and orderly storage.

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  • Dero Decker

    The Dero DeckerTM takes bike parking to the next level – literally. By stacking bikes on a two-tiered system, capacity doubles.

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  • Dero Bike File

    The Bike File is our most space efficient u-lock compatible product. Sturdy sliding hangers allow nine bikes to be securely stored in an eight-foot section while allowing for easy loading and unloading of bikes.

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