Eclipse For Selenium Automation

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TestNG is very useful and powerful framework for selenium webdriver.We need to configure our tests based on our requirements or test scenarios. We are going very slowly with TestNG framework to understand each and everything clearly with examples so that it can help you to configure your test in any king of situations. Read: 5 Interesting Selenium Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners Learn to Create a Selenium Project with Eclipse and More. Selenium is quite a vital technology. Learning about it will help you become a proficient software testing professional. Step 10) Write your code for Selenium with Python as shown below. How to Create Test Scripts in Selenium with Python. In this Selenium WebDriver with Python example, we did automation for 'Facebook login page' using the Firefox driver. Selenium Python Example 1: Login into Facebook.

Eclipse Installation Windows

Selenium Test environment setup, add TestNG plugin, Maven integrating with Selenium, Jenkins integration with Selenium, and add Extent Reports plugin. 2) Selenium Automation Framework Part-2 Create Initialization script, Create Web elements & customized commands, create reusable functions, create Test cases using Page object model, run Test.

Install Selenium In Eclipse

Download eclipse from the official websitehere

Selenium automation testing tool

What Is Eclipse

In software testing terms eclipse is used to write and run selenium test

To do the above you need to have an editor, an IDE

Eclipse is the preferred IDE as it’s an open source tool, it’s free

You have to have downloaded and configured Java or you will not be able to launch eclipse or rather it will not work

Eclipse has different versions so just go ahead and download the current version, as I do this blog the version out there just now is called SimRel 2018-09

Click on link ‘Download Packages‘ to download other eclipse package if your machine is not 64Bit

Download Eclipse For Selenium Automation

What you need to download for this purpose is eclipse IDE for java developers

Eclipse For Selenium Automation Free

Click on link ‘Download Packages’ and then on ‘Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

Almost all machines run on 64-bit so go ahead and click on ’64-bit’ link as per your operating system


I use windows so that’s what I will download and the .exe file will be downloaded to my machine

Eclipse For Selenium Automation Software

You might have a different operating system for your computer for example Mac OS for is the operating system for Apple laptops or workstations

Eclipse Ide For Selenium Automation Download

That is it for eclipse installation

Eclipse Download For Selenium


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