Eve Online Chemical Yard

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So, I’m liking the Caracal cruiser. A lot. Did I mention I also like missiles?

I look up the guides on the interwebs. The fittings. The what nots … It’s just a Calm Filament right? I mean surely it’s not that hard right? So a Firestorm Filament it is …

Haunted, Desolate, Chemical yard spawn Sentient Frigates and Destroyers which can drop Astero chips (50 mil). They can escalate and spawn more Sentients. Chemical escalations stage 2+ spawn Sentient Cruisers and can drop Stratios chips (200 mil). I only run Drone DED 3/10 to despawn it, for any other site to spawn.

  1. EVE Online Quick Guide To - Chemical Yard Extra Info. Editing software used: Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Nvidia Shadowplay.
  2. Bounty: 18k Attack: 5,400 HP: EM: The: Kin: Exp: Range: EM: The: Kin: Exp: Max.vel. 900 Shield: 125 19 32 44 55.

Local Sansha Minor Shipyard


Well, first fuck-up is 100% on me. In my enthousiasm to get in there, I totally forgot to stock up on missiles. I was using the Caracal as a RLM boat, and things were going ok(ish).

First room, it’s ok. New playground, need to get my bearings. Oh look, just a tiny battleship to kill. Things are not going super fast or awesome ovepowering, but we get it done …

Then I make it to the second room, and again, a Battleship and some smaller stuff. No biggie. Tank was holding, capacitor was doing fine.

Suddenly, my ship stops firing. “WTH, keep firing assholes!” I yell annoyed towards my screen. “At this rate I am not going to make it…” Then I notice … No more missiles are being reloaded … oepsie …

Yeah, ok. Pretty dumb. I wasted a lot of time not knowing do I loot everything, is it worth it? Yada yada. But if I got to the third room, I’m pretty sure I could have finished it.


No problemo. Shit happens. Like McBain says, up and atom. So we try a different Calm Filament. Maybe an exotic one this time?

Rogue Trial Yard Eve Online

I got myself a new Caracal, because I love missiles. But this time I switched to HAM. Main reason the reload on RLM is a royal PITA. So we warp to the first room, and …

Just when I’m about to start talking smack ala “Say hello to my little HAM” … this Striking Leshak rips my ass in half. Like … he wasn’t even sweating.

Ferric Chloride Compatibility With Metals

I never got close to him. Downside of HAM systems I guess? He just zapped me into never-never-land.


Chemical Yard Combat Site

So that’s Abyssal shit 2 VS 0 Hanz Riemannder. Yeah not what I expected honestly.