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  1. Corvette: 210,183 ships destroyed and 2,579,383 ships lost. To celebrate zKillboard's addition to the Eve Online Partnership Program, we are celebrating by giving.
  2. You can acquire your faction's corvette by clicking the 'Board my Corvette' button whenever you are docked. It will be fitted with a civilian weapon, a civilian mining laser, and a civilian afterburner. If you already have a corvette in that structure, you will board that one, and its fit will be the fit before you entered it.

A new Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now live in EVE Online, so make sure you have your Proving Filaments handy either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops, or from the in-game market!

Get started in Eve Online Easy with these short guide Videos. Everything that a new player can do to learn the game fast. Mostly Free to Play Friendly, focus.

Until 11:00 UTC on 1 September, you can engage in 5v5 Corvette combat, meaning that the permitted hulls for this event are the Ibis, Velator, Reaper, and Impairor - with no modules higher than meta level 4 (T1 and Named). Pirate implants are also restricted. Furthermore, there is a limit of two corvettes of any given type in a single fleet.

Don't forget, you can keep track of Capsuleer performance and prowess in this event using the leaderboards.

If you need some fitting ideas for these little bruisers, Ashy aka Ashley Traynor has written up an article on her blog. Keep an eye out for these fittings using the Community Fittings filter of the in-game Fitting window as well.

But wait, there's more!

Later today, a crack team of our elite Interstellar Services Department volunteers will be throwing down in the Proving Grounds and streaming it live on CCP TV from 18:00 UTC/EVE. Tune in for some fun PvP action or grab some friends and seek them out in-game!

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Eve online corvette

Based upon EveOnlineShipsNSC.

Innately supports Downscaled Ships and Ship Classes Extended. Ship scaling without Downscaled Ships is unsupported, and may be strange – YMMV.

Improved Formations or something similar is recommended to minimize clipping.

Some ship classes have multiple designs depending on sections chosen.

Any ship classes not specified default to the vanilla type specified. Any ships with multiple types available depend on the ‘central’ section.

Amarr (Molluscoid)

Eve Online Ship Size

  • Science -> Magnate
  • Corvette -> Magnate Tormentor Coercer
  • Destroyer -> Omen
  • Cruiser -> Prophecy
  • Battleship -> Apocalypse
  • Dreadnought -> Revelation
  • Carrier -> Aeon Archon
  • Superdreadnought -> Avatar

Caldari (Mammalion)

  • Science -> Heron
  • Corvette -> Kestrel Cormorant
  • Destroyer -> Caracal
  • Cruiser -> Ferox
  • Battleship -> Raven
  • Dreadnought -> Phoenix
  • Carrier -> Chimera Wyvern
  • Superdreadnought -> Leviathan

Gallente (Fungoid)

  • Science -> Imicus
  • Corvette -> Incursus Catalyst
  • Destroyer -> Thorax
  • Cruiser -> Brutix
  • Battleship -> Megathron
  • Dreadnought -> Moros
  • Carrier -> Thanatos Nyx
  • Superdreadnought -> Erebos

Minmatar (Reptilian)

  • Science -> Probe
  • Corvette -> Rifter Thrasher
  • Destroyer -> Stabber
  • Cruiser -> Cyclone
  • Battleship -> Typhoon
  • Dreadnought -> Naglfar
  • Carrier -> Nidhoggur Hel
  • Superdreadnought -> Ragnarok
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