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This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

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  • I would like to see new complexes and such balanced around capitals, with such things. About the same isk/hr as capital ratting is now, but (low) chances to drop m1 or m3 capital prints, similar to the m2 prints you can get from concord in effectiveness.
  • Class Information. This chapter contains the standard information of this class pertaining to scheduling and class contents. The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the Eve University forum. Additional information relevant to the teacher is listed under Notes for the Teacher. General Information.

EVE University

Campus Groups:

Averon Mining Campus
Highsec Campus
Incursion Community
Low-Sec Campus
Null-Sec Campus
Wormhole Campus

Other Resources

University Forum

  • 2Campus Details
  • 3Leadership:
  • 6Rules and Guidelines
    • 6.4Communications
  • 7Standing Fleet
    • 7.2Standing Fleet Boss
  • 8Corporation Hangars
    • 8.3Donating to HSC
  • 11What can I do in the HSC?

Mission Statement

“HSC aims to provide a welcoming and helpful environment for new pilots to learn the basics, and try out different activities to help them find their niche in EVE.”


  • Provide a starting point where new players can easily try their hand at PvP, missions, mining, manufacturing, and any other aspect of the game with ease.
  • Provide a thriving, knowledgeable and welcoming community.
  • Provide easy access to the other E-UNI campuses.

HSC Headquarters : Amygnon - Hotel Sierra Charlie, Amygnon

  • Solar System : Amygnon aka 'AMY'
    • Security Status : 0.6 (Sovereignty : Gallente Federation)
  • Available Planets, Asteroid Belts, Moons and Stations : Celestials
    • 8 Planets, 64 Moons, 9 Asteroid Belts, 5 NPC Stations

HSC Structures & Stations

  • Hotel Sierra Charlie is a Uni-owned Fortizar
    • Base of Operations
    • Clone Bay
    • Corporation Hangars
    • Market
    • Docking Bay & Tethering
    • Insurance Office
    • Repairshop (Free)

  • Karpinski Labs is a Uni-owned Raitaru Engineering Complex focused on R&D where you can run research, copy and invention jobs.
    • Corporate Blueprint Library - Open to Unistas to make copies from Uni-owned BPO's

  • Rivet City is a Uni-owned Azbel Engineering Complex focused on manufacturing services.
    • Rigged for medium and large hull production and small modules production.

  • Hive of Industry is a Uni-owned Athanor Refinery focused on Reprocessing (for Belt & Moon Ores) with 54% efficiency.
    • You can ask for assistance from Perfect Refiners resident in HSC.

  • Miner's Den is a Uni-owned Athanor Refinery focused on extracting Moon Ores.
    • Anchored in Jufvitte (the system next to Amygnon)


In-game Chat Channel: HSC (EVE Uni)
Out-of-game Chat Prog: Discord


unstable unit


Marek Holmberg

Nexdoom Atruin

Nelliver Cadigal

Sandaen Maulerant

Marcel en Distel

Chris Halsky

Requirements for joining the campus

  • There are no title or skill requirements to join the High Sec Campus. Simply follow the following steps to join HSC.
  • Join the 'HSC (EVE Uni)' chat channel (for E-Uni members and their alts only).
  • Complete the Overview Setup Tutorial
  • Create a post in the HSC Hi/Bye forum thread.
  • Once you complete the above you can join fleet, join comms, and just fly down to Amygnon (IMPORTANT: first, read Moving to HSC)

Strongly recommended

  • Join Discord.
  • Read The Rookie's Guide To Fleet Ops.
  • Familiarize yourself with Avoid Losses to War Targets.
  • Create an Alt Hauler


When moving to Amygnon, fly your Uni character down in a cheap ship. Please be aware that trade hubs and pipeline systems in trade routes are almost always camped by hostile corporations and it is not advised to fly through these systems with industrial ships or PvE ships.

To move the rest of your belongings, you can create and use a Hauler Alt, use our free Freighter Service, or ask in mumble/chat for someone to help on their alt character.

In addition to the Eve University Rules, the following HSC-specific guidelines apply:


  • Fly only what you can afford to lose.
  • Members undocked in and around Campus should be in the Standing Fleet or special purpose fleet for their safety and the safety of other HSC members.
    • Only members of EVE University or the alts of members of EVE University are allowed to join the HSC Standing Fleet.
    • If you are going AFK then you should drop fleet.
  • I (unstable unit aka 'uu') strongly recommend you get on mumble, get involved in chatting, asking questions etc. EvE alone is not fun. The best ship in EvE *is* friendship, after all! Make friends, it'll be a lot more fun, and you'll learn more!


  • Suggested PvP loot distribution is 'donation to the campus'. Fleet agreement on loot distribution overrides this.
    • An exception to this rule is that during wartime, war-target loot belongs to the Uni. This loot will be deposited into the Freshman hangar (Donations) container.
Eve online mysterious green capsule


  • PvE loot is property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together, and should be distributed as per prior agreement of the group.
  • The first person at a site (combat,event, data, relic, etc.) is considered the 'owner' and Unistas are forbidden from contesting sites from other Unistas or our allies (aka 'blues').
  • For sites occupied by non-blues, please remember that we are the nice guys in New Eden. Whilst it is acceptable within the game mechanics to race against non-blues, it does not fit with this image.
  • Mission rewards should not be shared with the main HSC Standing Fleet. If you are running missions as a group, you must form a separate fleet in order to share the standings.
  • Mission fleet members are advised to dock up when WTs are identified near to HSC. This could be to assist local PvP efforts or to secure high price ships. If you can assist in the fight, standby to join the standing fleet and await announcements in HSC chat or mumble.


  • Members active in campus should be in Mumble, even if you don't intend to talk (if you are hearing impaired, let us know).
    • Campus communications are by default “OPEN COMMS”, so you may join mumble if you are not actively participating in HSC activities, however you MUST follow combat comms when they're active.
      • Open comms are usually only suspended for two reasons:
        • Someone calls “Break Break” or 'Check Check' over mumble, which indicates a new threat or that a fellow Unista is in immediate danger or has important information to announce. Please allow the pilot to speak.
        • 'Combat Comms” is called over mumble. This indicates a fight is underway and non-combat related chatter should pause for the duration. Prolonged combat should be moved as soon as is practical to the HSC PvP sub channel in order to leave the main comms open for general learning.
        • When first entering the HSC mumble please wait briefly before speaking (unless it is very urgent) to ensure 'Combat Comms' is not in operation.
    • If you are operating in a fleet when there is a lot of general chat in comms, you may wish to move to a separate Mumble sub-channel where it will be easier to communicate with your fleet.

HSC Mumble sub-channels

  • HSC PvP - used for any PvP combat, including 1v1's within campus
  • HSC Mining - where miners can chat whilst killing rocks!
  • HSC Missions - somewhere our mission runners can hang out
  • HSC Utility - free-use for anybody
  • HSC Office - staff only
  • HSC Ready Room - is the main channel too loud for you? Get some peace here!
  • HSC Sleeper Room (muted) - going AFK for a few minutes? Drop into the Sleeper room. (Remember to move when you return! This room is muted, so nobody can warn you of local WT's etc in here!)

Standing Fleet is a form of fleet specific for each campus and aims to provide better communication between pilots within the same region of space (such as local gankers spotted nearby). Each member of the fleet can freely do their solo or group tasks, such as PvE, mining, PvP etc since there is no specific purpose of the standing fleet itself, but in times of emergency, the fleet can transformed into a Quick Response Fleet in order to assist a fellow capsuleer in distress, to repel any hostile entity or to defend the space and assets of the University.

Setting up a Standing Fleet

If you cannot find the HSC Standing Fleet in your Fleet Finder, ask in Mumble or HSC chat channel if there is one. If not, or you get no answer, you are advised to set up a standing fleet and then share the advert of the standing fleet in HSC chat to inform others it exists, so they can join you. Also note that anybody can set up the Standing Fleet. Being Fleet Boss is not the same as being Fleet Commander (FC) (Check: Fleet Boss).

Standing Fleet Boss

Eve Online M1

The fleet boss is not 'in charge' or the 'FC' of the fleet. Fleet boss is simply an administrative role.The main job of the fleet boss is to manage the fleet such as setting the message of the day, setting free-move and moving people in and out of Fleet/Wing command positions when asked to do so. Also, they are responsible for adding/removing new Wings and Squads as needed.

Passing Fleet Boss to Another

If you are ready to leave fleet and are the current boss, you must pass the boss position to another in fleet first. Ask for volunteers in the Fleet Chat and/or Mumble. Make every reasonable effort to pass boss to someone who is active. Once you have your volunteer, pass fleet boss to them by right clicking their name in chat or the fleet window, followed by a left click on 'Make Boss'.

Accepting Fleet Boss

If boss is passed to you, either as a result of you volunteering or being 'ninja bossed', the Fleet Advert window will pop up on your screen. Verify the Advert settings are correct as specified above and select the 'Submit' button. This will update the Fleet finder and enable other members to find and join you. You can save the fleet setup from the Fleet windows setting menu for future use, if you have not done this before.

Amygnon - Hotel Sierra Charlie is home to the HSC's Corporation Hangars.

Flight Deck:

This hangar contains a selection of free fully-fitted ships ready for use. If your first one gets blown up, feel free to help yourself to another! We also keep a selection of ships and modules in containers here. Unistas are encouraged to use the hangars to help fit ships in order to participate in different areas of game/roles (ie- Exploration, PvE/PvP logistics, damage dealer). (see Hangars for information on rules and how to access hangars)Members of EVE University gain access to the Flight Deck upon receiving the Freshman title. Members without hangar access yet can ask in Mumble or HSC chat if someone who does have access (Freshmen and above) will get a ship out for them.

Main Hangar

The main hangar is for members with the Sophomore title (or above).

Eve Online M1

Donating to HSC

EVE University runs primarily on donations from its members and alumni, along with well-wishers and supporters of our cause. Without these people and their donations, we would not be able to provide the new pilots the resources that we currently offer.

Donations of modules, Ships, Charges and other items from E-UNI members

Please remember to repair and repackage all of the items that you wish to donate if at all possible. If you are donating something which cannot be repackaged (such as a rigged ship) then please name it after yourself so we know where it came from.

If you have Freshman access or above, please place any modules, charges or similar into the 'Donations' container in the hangar in Hotel Sierra Charlie. If the items are too large or you do not have access, please contract them directly to the HSC Manager, with 'HSC Donation' in the description (you can put 10,000isk in the 'I will receive' box to cover the cost of creating the contract if you wish).

IMPORTANT: Please do not place donated items directly onto the stacks or into the hangars or other containers! Use only the 'Freshman - Donations' container or contract for donations. It may seem like you are saving the HSC Staff some time and hassle, but it actually creates more work for them to take your excess items back out!

See also Eve University Donations.

EVE University has a reimbursement program for ships lost in PvP Fleets. Please see Ship Replacement Program

The Implants Program - Members of EVE University benefit from The +3 Implants Program, providing young members the ability to purchase one full set of basic +3 implants at a reduced price. The benefit over lower quality implants or no implants at all is quite obvious: faster skill training.

Eve Online Meme

Market prices for +3s are usually around 9 - 10 million ISK a piece. EVE University will provide them for 5 million ISK each.

The Skillbook Program - Members of EVE University may take advantage of The Skillbook Program, providing vital skillbooks valued at 3.5 million ISK or less. Every Member of EVE University may request reimbursements via the Corp chat channel. EVE University members with Freshman status or higher can directly get reimbursement for the purchase of a skillbook through accessing the Skillbook Wallet. They can also help with Reimbursements in the Corp channel to those who have no access to the wallet.

The Mentor Program - Members of EVE University may take advantage of The Mentor Program, which pairs new players with experienced players who can provide practical advice and coaching. Mentors assist their assigned charges through EVE mail exchanges, online chats, Mumble discussions, or in-game exercises where appropriate. Mentors are assigned based on compatible times and similar interests in the game.

  • Learn! To find upcoming classes, regularly check the Scheduled Classes and the HSC sections of the Uni forums, and the in-game Calendar (found by clicking on the clock in the bottom left of your screen).

Eve Online M1 Mac

PvE Missions

Eve Online Mission Damage Types

  • Missions are available from agents in the various stations located in the star systems near HSC. Missions give ISK, loot, and Loyalty Points (which can be redeemed at the agent's station store.
  • Mission Fleets invite new players to join in doing higher level, more lucrative missions.
    • If you don't have the power needed to help with high level combat missions, you can also join the team as a salvager, just flying one pocket behind and looting the wrecks. You can make millions this way as a lot of loot is dropped by the enemies.
  • The Epic Arc Mission, 'The Bloodstained Stars', a fifty episode level I PvE adventure, is available from the Sisters of Eve agent in nearby Arnon.
  • There are many mission agents in Amygnon. Remember to make a separate fleet before you run any missions in a group. If you are doing missions solo, we recommend you stay in the HSC Standing Fleet, but remember not to share mission standings/rewards with the fleet.
    • Amygnon VI - M1 - Garoun Investment Bank Vault has a Level 4 Security Agent.
    • Amygnon VII - M10 - Aliastra Warehouse has a Level 2 Distribution Agent.
    • Amygnon VII - M21 - Aliastra Warehouse has a Level 3 security Agent and a Level 4 Distribution Agent.
    • Amygnon VIII - M5 - Garoun Investment Bank Vault has a Level 4 Security Agent (& Locator Agent)


Eve Online M1 Client

Industry and Trade

  • Blueprint Library available to Freshmen and above at Karpinski Labs ME/TE/Inv.
    • Read HSC BPO Library Guide before using the service.
  • Rivet City provides bonuses for manufacturing jobs and has a market.
  • Hive of Industry 54pc provides bonuses for reprocessing.
  • Our Customs Offices (POCOs) in Amygnon have reduced tax rates for Planetary Interaction.

Exploration (sites and wormholes)

  • Exploit wormholes with a mining or combat fleet


Eve Online Market Prices

  • Low-Sec Roaming Fleets
  • Defensive and Offensive fleets against war targets
  • Engaging suspects (flashies)
  • Quick Response Fleets
  • HSC Fight Clubs


NOTE: When undocked, keep a close eye out for War Targets or suicide gankers. Stay aligned to station as much as possible. Keep checking Dscan. Watch out for combat probes if you are in a mission pocket, somebody might be scanning you down to attack you. Assess any newcomer that lands on grid with you, and if you're not sure, warp out.

Eve Online Mac Mini M1

You may also want to look at Alt Hauling, a way of using a second (non-UNI) character to do your hauling, thus avoiding problems with War Targets.

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