Gitlab With Sourcetree

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Gitlab With Sourcetree

Use Sourcetree With Gitlab

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This tutorial shows you how to connect Sourcetree and Gitlab

Step-by-step guide

Gitlab Sourcetree Not Working

Setup Gitlab in Sourcetree. As we are using 2 factor authentication, there are more troubles setting up sourcetree for Gitlab. In order to get Sourctree working with Gitlab follow the below. Downloads Gitlab Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) with SFDX, Salesforce and SourceTree Overview This post is about a CI/CD process to deploy from one Salesforce sandbox to another using Gitlab. I do the local merge process with SourceTree. Here we don't explain how to do the integration between Salesforce and Gitlab but it.

Sourcetree Authentication Failed

  1. Open Sourcetree, if you have not installed it yet go to Installing Sourcetree and finish that tutorial first
  2. That will open the following window:
  3. after this you should get a window that looks like this:
  4. You can save the keys anywhere on your hard drive, just make sure you remember where you put them.
  5. Then open a browser and go to and log in using your LRZ user name (aa11bbb)
  6. Now you can close the window in which you create the key and go to Tools/options in Sourcetree
  7. The Pageant client should be running now, if you do not see the symbol, extend the taskbar
  8. Now sourcetree can access gitlab but you do not have any projects in Sourcetree yet. In order to download or upload code you need to have a project.
  9. This tutorial will show you how to get the base V-HAB project into sourcetree, the steps to get any other project into sourcetree are basically the same.
  10. First go to the gitlab project you want to download, in this case STEPS-base, the website should look like this:
  11. After that just hit the clone button at the bottom of the window and you will receive the project. Now your Sourcetree should be connected to gitlab and you are able to download code from gitlab or upload code to gitlab

For instruction on how to use Sourcetree go to the next tutorial

Sourcetree Ssh Mac

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Open the view in Sourcetree and notice that your repository now has uncommitted changes. From here, everything you do is the same as you did when you added the supplyrequest file and initially committed it.; If you have a Git repository, make supplyrequest ready to commit by selecting Stage file from the options menu. Click the Commit button at the top to commit the file. GitLab - Open source self-hosted Git management software. SourceTree - A free Git GUI client for Windows and macOS.