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I have been using Eclipse IDE for almost 8 years now, though I have used various flavours that is build over eclipse like IBM RAD, Netbeans and some PHP IDEs but recently moved to IntelliJ because many say its better for Android App Development. Also, Google released the Official Android Studio ver 1.0 that is based on IntelliJ this year.

Intellij to eclipse online

The first thing that you will notice is that 'Eclipse Keyboard shortcuts: Keymaps do not work on IntelliJ'.

Intellij makes Eclipse’s memory usage seem positively slim by comparison for better auto-completion, and code hints, but fails to provide even the same level of functionality of Eclipse with regard to compilation or features. Similarly to Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA also has Run/debug configurations dialog that you can access either from the main toolbar, or the main menu. Compare the related shortcuts: As mentioned before, by default IntelliJ IDEA doesn't compile changed files automatically (unless you configure it to do so). IntelliJ vs Eclipse is a long-running debate with no clear answer. Both provide many features to make development easier. IntelliJ is recommended for beginner programmers. Eclipse, on the other hand, is suitable for experienced programmers working on complex and larger projects.

The Command + Shift + F, Command + Shift + O and others don't work here!!

It really hard to unlearn these shortcuts then learning those new ones, so I found a solution that lets you use eclipse keymaps with IntelliJ

Intellij To Eclipse Download

Steps to Configure Eclipse Keymap

  1. If you are using Mac OS X
  2. Goto Menu: Android Studio -> Preferences

  3. If you are using Windows OS it should be under tools
  4. Under Keymap select Eclipse
    • Now Search Keymap
    • You will see a drop down where you can select Eclipse/Eclipse Mac
    • Select Preferences
    • Apply changes.

Thats it!! Now try using your good old eclipse keyboard shortcuts on a file, they should work!!

Intellij To EclipseIntellij to eclipse

Note: If you come from some other IDE background like Visual Studio, KDE, GNOME, Emacs, Netbeans, JBuilder then you can follow the same steps and select the appropriate keymap or import your own!

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