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The Jall Digital Alarm Clock looks good, works well and features three alarm settings that you and your family might find pretty useful. The clock displays its digits in bright white LED lights. Jall Digital Alarm Clock squirrelwidget3242593 Our first pick does a great job of disguising itself as something that doesn't scream out electronics when you first glance at it - it's a.

By Tom Lorenzo of Men's Journal

It can be hard to get up in the morning. After the stress of the day, we can really settle into bed and drift off to dreamland. When you get that deep into sleep, you’ll be quite irritated waking up. Especially with the chirping of most alarm clocks. But that won’t be the case with Low Key Alarm Clocks.

Plenty of alarm clocks exist just to shock you from sleep. Loud, blistering sounds that are the complete opposite of alluring to the ears. So much so that you wake up in a bad mood. Getting ripped from your dreams like that, trying to move quick enough to shut that piercing sound off is no way to start the day.

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Jall Alarm Clock Sunrise

There are a lot of Low Key Alarm Clocks out there that will make it a lot more calming to get up in the morning. They do that by using less abrasive sounds, going more with natural sounds. And they also do that by using a sunrise simulator, having the light get brighter until it’s time for you to wake up.

With these Low Key Alarm Clocks in your life, you’ll get some much better sleep and you’ll wake up easier. No more nails on chalkboard screeching to bring you back to the land of the waking. Pick up one of these alarm clocks below and make sure you have an easier time in the morning from here on out.

Jall Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

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