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Hello everyone, i used google cloud for setup. I installed jitsi from the quick-install docs. it built on subdomain also. I made dns settings and give firewall ports for all allowed.because i tried 80,22,443,4444,4443 allowed but not worked either Now its not blocked anything,i assume. when i join into a meeting that i created from browser, and from iphone with jitsi-meet application,Btw phone and pc are in same wi-fi, everything works fine. But if another one tries to join meeting video/sound has gone… I tried pc+phone with different network,2 is working ok again.

Jitsi On Google Cloud

Jitsi is a collection of open source projects that provide video conferencing capabilities that are secure, easy to use and easy to host by yourself. Below are the open source projects: Jitsi Meet – high quality, scalable video conferencing, using WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge (jvb) – route video streams among participants of a video conference. Sync with all the popular Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars. No commitments, cancel at any time. Jitsi on mobile – download our apps and start a meeting from anywhere. Check out Jitsi as a Service. Connect the users of your website or app. Get branding & tight access controls. Have notifications, transcriptions & recordings. Jitsi on mobile – download our apps and start a meeting from anywhere. Hello, Slack fans! Very pleased to meet you! Sync with all the popular Google, Microsoft.

Jitsi Server Google Cloud

What can i do i dont know, i am new on this. any help will be fine for me