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Dear jitsi-team,


first of all thanks for this great software!

Today I write here, because I’m confused about Firefox compatibility. I tried to understand what is written somewhere else here in the forum and in the net. But with no success.

Mar 13, 2021 Hey there! I love Jitsi Meet and especially its end-to-end-encryption. However, is there any way to enable E2EE so that all conferences automatically use it? I’m not afraid of some “hacking” and editing the source code, so I am open for any ideas you have. So to test e2ee option in you own Jitsi-meet you need chrome 83+ and activate in chrome://flags/ this flag “Experimental Web Platform features”. As Fippo said Chrome activate this flag by default for the “meet.jit.si” domain that’s why it work directly.

I wonder if Firefox is compatibel with jitsi meet or not? Some month ago we used jitsi meet with firefox and it worked. After an update (maybe my installation or the browser itself) it doesn’t work anymore. Whenever someone with Firefox enteres a room, he/she looses the connection.

Maybe there are some easy answers to my questions:
a) Is Firefox compatibel or not?
b) is there something in my configuration I can do, that it is?


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The road to End-to-End Encryption in Jitsi Meet How we shipped E2EE in Jitsi Meet, how other apps can implement it and our plans for the future! Track: Real Time Communications devroom. Jitsi Meet is a popular open source project for video conferencing and remote meetings. The meet.jit.si service uses Voximplant for inbound dialing and its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functions. This guide shows how Jitsi Meet self-installers can use Voximplant to replicate the call-in and IVR functionality found on meet.jit.si and how to add outbound dialing from Meet.

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As a temporary “solution” I removed Firefox from the list of optimal browsers.

Best wishes

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By the way, can I translate the browserwarnings?