Mig 19s War Thunder

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The only Mig-19 with AAMs east-Germany operated was the Mig-19PM, which had four hardpoints for four K-5 radar guided missles, though the Mig-19PM also had no cannon armament. Which I hope we see more of these variants. There was a similar MiG-17 with 4 missiles I believe too. It doesn't have missiles, but it doesn't need them. Superior power, turn rate, and a little trick up its sleeve renders the Mig-21 useless.Join the Disc. So after 5 days of nonstop grinding with the Sea Hawk Mk.100 to get the Ta-152H and C, He-162, MiG-15 Bis and finally the MiG-19S, I have no idea how to fly it, and now I've turned to the war thunder subreddit to ask that exact question.

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Mig 19s War Thunder Reddit

This upgraded version of the world’s first mass-produced supersonic aircraft will become the new top model in the USSR’s military aircraft branch. Meet the magnificent MiG-19PT with air-to-air missiles!

In short: an upgraded version of the world’s first mass-produced supersonic aircraft, the MiG-19. The MiG-19PT modification was developed especially for the installation of K-13 (P-3C) air-to-air missiles – almost an exact copy of the American Sidewinders.

Fun fact: one of the Sidewinders the USSR received from China for research was a missile that had become lodged and undetonated, inside a Chinese MiG-17 that was fired on by Taiwanese Sabres.


Mig 19s War Thunder

In War Thunder the MiG-19PT will be the first rank VI supersonic plane in the Soviet/Russian tech tree and the first Soviet aircraft equipped with air-to-air missiles. Unlike its overseas competitor the F-100D Super Sabre, the MiG-19PT cannot carry bombs or unguided rockets, but its two turbojet engines give the MiG the advantage in terms of rate of climb and acceleration. Both of these engines require an incredible amount of fuel, which limits their flight time to 5-6 minutes in WEP. The smartest thing for a MiG-19PT pilot to do is to climb to a high altitude at the beginning of a battle and then switch the engine to a more fuel-efficient mode.

War Thunder Mig 19s Tips

Its frontal armament consisting of twin 30mm guns has decent ballistics and will deal almost fatal damage even in short bursts, but hitting a target at the speeds at which the MiG-19 is most effective in the context of the game is no simple matter. The MiG-19PT’s main weapons are two K-13 missiles that quite reliably lock onto the thermal signatures of running jet engines, turboshaft engines, and certain piston engines from the rear hemisphere of the target. Within the context of the game, the K-13 is virtually the same as the AIM-9B Sidewinder – some targets can be locked onto at a range of more than 3 kilometers, but the low flight loads for which the first versions of the air-to-air missiles were designed make it fairly easy for an enemy with a reserve of energy to evade an attack by maneuvering.

The BEST Of The REST! Mig-19S [War Thunder Review!] - YouTube

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