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Find your closest Jiffy Lube in Fresno, CA. We offer a wide array of oil change and automotive services. No appointment needed. I had to pay the dealership $167 just to screw on the cap. I took all my receipts to jiffy lube and they said they are no longer involved. I am highly upset that I paid $118.41 for a simple oil change $167 to close the cap totaling $285.41 out my pocket. I called corporate and filed a complaint. Said 'First time doing an oil change for my car and super glad Jiffy Lube was able to get it done fast.Their covid-19 oil change is a 15 minute stay-in-the-car operation and everything.'


Actions being taken:

  • We encourage our customers to remain in your vehicles while our Jiffy Lube technicians service your vehicle.
  • We have added industrial cooling units to every service bay, so you can remain cool and comfortable if you choose to remain in your vehicle for service.
  • Open bays with fresh air – so you can enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • At any given time we typically will have less than 10 people, including our staff, in the area to further adhere to CDC guidelines.
  • We have suspended lounge coffee in an effort to prevent the spread of germs.
  • We have increased routine cleaning protocols within every location. This includes using cleaning products that are effective against viruses and surface contamination.
  • All team members are practicing extreme caution and following the CDC guidelines for hand washing and sanitizing.
  • We ensure the restrooms are fully stocked with hand soap and sanitizers.

We are dedicated to our customers and appreciate your confidence as we navigate our way through this troubling time. Thank you for your continued support and in helping to ensure proper health and safety measures are taken at every turn.


ACE Jiffy Lube® Management

This isn't just an oil change; it's preventive maintenance to help keep your vehicle running right.

From filters to fluids, give your transmission the care it deserves.

Your fuel system works hard. Jiffy Lube® works harder to keep it clean for max output.

When the road seems dim, have Jiffy Lube polish your lenses to restore headlight clarity.

We’re in your neighborhood

Whether you need the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change or any of the 12 Essential Services, there’s always a Jiffy Lube around the corner. Find your nearest Jiffy Lube MulticareMost Jiffy Lube Multicare® centers carry all 12 Essential Services and the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. Regular service centers carry only some of the 12 Essential Services, but the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. location.

People always say “Why can’t I find a Jiffy Lube near me! I’ve been looking for the nearest Jiffy Lube for a long time!” Anyone who owns or drives a car knows the value of finding a near by oil change center. See below for the Jiffy Lube locations and hours of operation near me. While gasoline and the likes keep the motor running, it cannot keep on working without adding engine oil into the equation on a regular basis. Technically, motor oil is used for lubricating an internal combustion engine for the purpose of limiting the impact of use on the moving parts of the engine. In addition to that, it also helps clean up the engine and carries the heat away from the moving parts, which cools down the engine. Further, it limits the effect of corrosion. Because oil
change sounds and seems really easy and simple, some people prefer to take care of it on their own. There are different guidelines that people follow. Some are based on second-hand maintenance tips from friends. Others base their habits on their years of experience in owning and maintaining a vehicle.

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Jiffy Lube Hours of Operation

To find the specific store hours use the store finder. The national average for store hours are:
Monday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tuesday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wednesday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Jiffy Lube Locations

While there is technically nothing wrong about it, there is a tendency for information to be false and without significant and reliable basis. It is difficult to just leave the life of one’s beloved vehicle in the hands of unwarranted information source. The best place to get trusted and effective advise especially about motor oil change is the vehicle’s manufacturer or its authorized representative.

It is natural for any car owner to want their means of transportation to be always available and ready to get on the road any time of the day. Because of that, it is best to invest in maintenance procedures that promote such efficiency of the vehicle. Selecting the right kind of oil service can put the stop to all of one’s maintenance worries. Jiffy Lube is one of the names in the car service industry that people run to, and this is for a good reason. They offer not just plain and simple oil change but overall maintenance that includes a thorough inspection, check-up, filling and clean-up of every component of the vehicle especially the most important ones. The car’s windows and floors are vacuumed and wiped clean. The tire pressure along with the fluids, differential and transmission to name a few, as well as the battery water are changed and filled. The oil filter is changed together with around five quartz of motor oil. The goal is to make sure that all parts of one’s car is up and ready to support the vehicle’s purpose of transporting in a smooth, efficient and timely manner.

About Jiffy Lube Services

Jiffy Lube consists of over 2,000 franchised service centers throughout North America and Canada which serve roughly 24 million customers annually. Its hard to find a oil change near by that has good service. These facilities are all franchises and owned/operated by 252 entities independently. Jiffy Lube oil change prices depends on the location. You have to check the service center in your community to find out the exact price of an oil change.

The primary product/service of Jiffy Lube is the Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change. It offers customers more than the regular oil and filter change.

According to Jiffy Lube the services consist of the following:

Oil Change

  • Oil with maximum of five quarts of quality motor oil and replacement of oil filter


  • Anti-freeze or coolant for reservoir levels
  • Engine air filter systems
  • Serpentine belt
  • Bake fluid level in transparent tank
  • Wiper blades & exterior lights

Check & Fill

  • Transmission & Trans axle fluids
  • Power steering & differential fluids
  • Windshield washer
  • Battery water
  • Tire pressure
  • Chassis lubrication


  • Exterior windows
  • Interior vacuum

Again the prices vary.

In June of 2011, the company introduced a new approach which is the Oil Change Schedule. It enables Jiffy Lube customers to choose the package based on the factors of recommendations by car manufacturers, driving habits and various road conditions. It veers away from the old practice of changing oil after 3,000 miles and so on. It introduces a unique schedule for motorists.

Motor vehicle manufacturers are inclined to propose to new car owners to change engine oil in every 5,000 or up to 10,000 miles. The outlet and oil change package also play a role in your decision.

Average cost is $24 although it can go up to $45 depending on the preferences of vehicle owners.

There are different coupons and offers such as driving off with $5 off. You can get a complementary Jiffy Lube signature oil change which consists of 5 quarts of high quality motor oil as well as oil filter.

You can also use your Shell Platinum Master Card and save money on your Shell fuel expenses every month. Just make sure to use the when you use your Platinum Select Master Card for daily purchases such as grocery items, dry cleaning, mobile phone bills, fuel expenses and others.

You can make qualifying purchases of a minimum of $500 in a billing cycle and you will be entitled to gasoline or diesel savings. You will receive a credit of 10 cents for every gallon or more. This will come out in your next billing cycle for the first 100 gallons of Shell gasoline or diesel that you buy. Hence, you do not have to worry about oil change prices. Frequent engine oil changes are regarded as one way of prolonging the life span of automobile engines. However, car makers have prolonged the intervals lately because these are determined by driving practices and the conditions of the roads. Some modern cars even use electronics to inform motorists if oil changes are needed.

Motor Oil Maintenance

Take time to appreciate a vehicle’s motor oil. A vehicle does not blow up simply because this keeps its internal combustion engines lubricated thus allowing components inside the vehicle to pass through each other with as little friction as possible while reducing gas usage. This reduction of friction consequently reduces heat thus leading to the conclusion that motor oil is, in a way, responsible for cooling within the engine. It also cleans the engine as it is designed to wash off any debris found between parts that could possibly interfere with the efficiency of the engine. In a nutshell, motor oil is like the blood of the vehicle. Take it away and a lot of things can go wrong

There are two kinds of motor oil, one being synthetic and the other regular. Regular ones are mineral-based coming from crude oil taken from the ground while synthetic ones are man-made in a chemical plant. Both oils function equally and do what they are supposed to do although synthetic ones handle the heat better than regular ones. Thus, the former improves an engine’s performance. Given the aforementioned information, the syntheticity of the oil does not exempt it from its need to be periodically replaced. The periodical replacement of motor oil is imperative as failure to do so could contaminate the engine and interfere with its efficiency. Dirt will accumulate in the oil thus increasing wear on moving parts. Additives in the oil will wear out meaning it won’t be able to lubricate the engine as well as it should, these are what will happen should the oil remain unchanged longer than the recommended time for replacement of the oil.

Jiffy Lube is right in saying that the best way to keep your vehicle healthy is to keep it clean and lubricated. A visit to their site guarantees useful information in regards to taking care of ones’ vehicle. They will address maintenance musts such as changing filters and oil on a regular basis, inexpensive steps to help maximize a vehicle’s life. Besides providing services as an oil change business, Jiffy also provides help to their customers online with features such as maintenance tips, travel tips, fuel efficiency tips, an in depth explanation as to how car works and so on and so forth. Jiffy Lube helps consumers keep their vehicles in top shape and they have certainly earned their reputation as the pioneer of the oil change industry.

Few Unknown Facts About Motor Oil

Engine care is a very important process that would judge your car’s life and performance. Just like many other mechanical components, the engine has to be lubricated and monitored frequently. Lubrication requires a good motor oil. The oil must be engineered to devour high performance, enhanced stability and predictable consistency. So, how will you choose an ideal motor oil? What makes an oil appropriate for cars? Are motor oil varieties governed by many benchmarks and standards? In this article, you will find discreet answers to these questions.

$20 oil change jiffy lube

A Crucial Parameter – Viscosity

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, motor oil is graded for its viscosity. Technically, viscosity represents the rate at which oil flows. In most cases, viscosity of oil is affected by external conditions like the temperature, humidity and pollution. Hence, any oil that resists external changes and remains stable is considered as perfect! Moreover, the motor oil must flow freely as the chassis becomes hot, when compared against the rate at which its flows during cold conditions.

Legit Standards and Benchmarks

Secondly, when you are ought to buy motor oil, you must remember to check for benchmarks. Logos from legit organizations would prove the lubricant’s fine and efficient nature. Additionally, it would assure that the oil is used widely by many patrons.

Is Your Oil Graded?

Also, remember to check if the oil has multiple grades. Multi-grade oil is made by mixing polymers to the initial base. These polymers would make the oil stable, light weight and smooth. In the presence of effective polymers, the oil would retain its uniform & unwavering nature for a very long time.

Two major certification bodies

Depending on your country, state and city, you will definitely come across two major certification bodies, namely “The American Petroleum Institute” or “The Association des Constructeurs Europeens D’Automobiles”. Standards generated by these organizations are accepted by well experienced engineers and mechanics!

An ideal lubricant for automobiles

On the other hand, check if the motor oil is fully synthetic, semi synthetic or mineral-blend. All lubricants are generated from petroleum crude oil. The primary base would be “Mineral Oil”. However, the dilute and pure form of mineral oil makes it unsuitable for automotives. Moving on, a man made lubricant called synthetic oil is being engineered. The oil is made through various chemical syntheses. It is well known for its amber shade and smooth texture. Synthetic oil is an ideal lubricant for vehicles.

A Quick Walk through Few Tips and Tricks on Quick Oil Change Routines

In this modern era, busy individuals tend to stick onto an antique adage “Out of sight, Out of mind”. A recent survey proved that many car owners abide to this saying during vehicle maintenance. They tend to shun away from frequent oil changes. Instead, such people opt for quick oil change options.

Questions raised by Visitors


It is quite fortunate to see many “Quickie Lube” workshops in and around every street. These services providers are in tough competition against one another. Consequently, you will see many discount offers, deals and add-on services. So, is it wise to perform a quick oil change? What kind of mistakes and problems would you face? If you are breaking your head with these questions, feel lucky and read on!

Quick Oil Change Assistance from the Professionals

When you opt for a quick oil change routine check if the place has experienced service providers! Many workshops hire young people to handle oil changes. This is a major reason behind the presence of many problems. As you take your car for an oil change, double check if the process would be performed by a skilled and experienced professional. A small flaw during a quick oil change will ruin your vehicle’s overall performance. Thus, it’s wise to look before you leap!

Quick Oil Change Deals and “Added Value” Services

Secondly, you must verify if the quick oil change routine comes with better deals and “Added Value” services. If yes, try to make use of these options as much as possible. Don’t neglect or bundle-up deals. This is because oil change deals would have an expiry date! As you cross this period of time, the deal will become futile and invalid. Additionally, bear in mind that the number of quick oil change deals are restricted. So, be an early bird and try to get hold of the market’s finest deals!

Quick Oil Change From A Single Workshop

Finally, remember to stick onto a particular workshop at all times. Jumping from one “Quickie Lube place” to another is regarded as an unwise move. This is because the techniques and strategies used would differ from one place to another. Consequently, this would have a very bad influence on your car. Thus, the next time you search for quick oil change workshops, try to find an affordable and reliable workshop. Also, try to adhere to their services at all times!

Making it Affordable

Getting oil service is beneficial for the continuous working order of your vehicle. Oil is necessary for the moving parts within your engine; they move at such tremendous speeds that the friction alone could cause enough heat to destroy the engine. Adding oil helps the mechanical parts to slide over each other more easily, reducing the amount of friction that’s cause.

You would think that getting your mobile oil change would be relatively easy, but wouldn’t it be better to trust the professional service mechanics at Jiffy Lube to do it for you? Once oil gets old, it doesn’t work as well as it used to. That’s why it’s recommended that you get your oil changed on a regular basis.

Getting a 10 minute oil change, every 3,000 miles or so will dramatically improve the performance of your vehicle. It prevents the buildup of dirt and debris on the parts of your car’s engine you can improve your gas mileage by increasing lubrication, the emissions of your car become less harmful, and you extend the life of your engine by keeping it clean.

The Jiffy Lube oil change price is one of the best on the market, with a quality of service that you can’t find anywhere else. With competitive oil change deals and a professional service that is highly recommended, it’s easy to see why Jiffy Lube is the best in the business. With over thirty years of experience and more than 22 million satisfied customers each year, Jiffy Lube makes it its business to make it easy for anyone to get their oil changed for an affordable price and without any hassle. The health of your vehicle is the utmost important to us, so it’s important that you regularly schedule oil and brake fluid change; so that you can get to any of your destinations, worry free.

The Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change is an affordable program that provides customers with more than just an oil change and a new filter. It’s designed to protect the life of your engine and make it more reliable in the future. It’s a 10 minute oil change that could greatly improve the way your car runs with each scheduled service.

Don’t hesitate to make a call to your local Jiffy Lube and get your oil changed as soon as possible. Oil change deals are always being offered on our quality service so that you can maximize the life of your car’s engine at an affordable price. With our Jiffy Lube coupons, you can save even more on your oil change. It could mean the difference between the cost of new oil and having to replace your entire engine block.


Nearest Jiffy Lube To My Location

Jiffy Lube is a leading chain stores of over 2,000 businesses in North America offering oil changes and other automotive services. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and is a subsidiary of Shell Oil. The prices of the lube oil is changed from time to time. The company chain serves 24 million customers each year. The service centers are 100% franchise-owned independently owned and operated by 252 entity groups.


Jiffy Lube Oil Change Price was ranked first on National Oil and Lube News 2011. Tops in the Fast Lubes Industry Rankings IT was ranked number 15 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Franchise 500 and number 73 on Franchise Times 2011 Top 200 Franchise Chains by Worldwide Sales.


Jiffy Lube Signature Service® is the core service rendered by Jiffy Lue. It offers customers more than just a standard oil and filter change. They introduced a new program called Oil Change Schedule (OCS) in June, 2011. The new program allows customers to choose how often they have their service change based on a number of variables including vehicle manufacturer recommendations, driving habits, and road conditions. This OCS program moves away from the old model of changing oil every 3,000 miles and provides a schedule that is unique for each driver.


In 2003, a KNBC investigative report alleged that Jiffy Lube was charging customers for services not performed. During the investigation, five out of nine locations charged undercover reporters for work that was not performed. After the investigation, they claimed to introduce changes to their training program to prevent this. Still, according to an interviewee, those training changes included how to spot investigative journalists. Jiffy Lube installed cameras in their stores to allow customers to observe repairs.

In another controversy during July 2009, Jiffy Lube was found to be performing repair procedures on vehicles that were recommended against by the manufacturer due to the potential to cause engine damage. These procedures included engine flushes and fuel injection cleaning which can cause engine and fuel injection problems.Again in May 2012, Jiffy Lube was again the subject of a NBC investigation. The station reported that not only had fraudulent practices again been detected at the majority of investigated Southern California stores.

Nearest Jiffy Lube Oil Change

Customer mistrust

An air of mistrust prevails among the consumers. One customer observed that in the Baltimore area it runs around $30 – $35 for the conventional oil signature service, the price goes into the mid $40 area for a synthetic blend, SUV or a high mileage oil signature service and then there is the full synthetic oil signature service that is from around $50 – $65.He suggested, ‘Do some research on the Jiffy Lubes in your area, search every possible way. Don’t know if this is possible or not, look them up at your local BBB’.

A few specimens of customer observations:

  • 2007-12-08 12:15:23 I strongly discourage people from using this place. I went there for oil change, and they lied to me to sell windshield wipers in addition, saying that their price is $7 lower than Kragen’s; I later found out that their price is in fact $11 higher! Further, they replaced a small lightbulb for $7, and when I found out that the replaced lightbulb was not working, they refused to refund the cost. I will never go back to this place. In addition to being incapable, they are dishonest. —YSS
  • 2007-10-29 00:05:04 They forgot to reattach a hose in my car (had to do with emissions). The interesting thing is I just went for a simple oil change and I’m befuddled as to why they would even detach that particular hose in the first place. Sorry, but I probably will not go there again. —YupYup
  • 2007-04-14 20:54:51 They forgot to reattach things and damaged a part, then tried to fix it without telling me. It took me several weeks to work through corporate to get to the owner. When I told him what happened he was great and immediately resolved the issue. —Denise


Scroll to the top of the page to find the store hours and use the map above to find a Jiffy Lube center nearby. Service stations are located all across the USA and Canada. To name a few locations: Omaha, OKC, Austin, San Diego, Reno, and Lincoln NE.