Organic Chemistry Midterm

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  1. Organic Chemistry Midterm Review
  2. Organic Chemistry Midterm
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Midterm #3 is this coming Monday, I don't like to test students on material that was covered only the Friday before a test, therefore, midterm #3 will cover all new material up to and including alkenes section 4.5, on page 16 of the Alkenes notes. The Organic Chemistry Peer Tutoring Department strives to provide FREE high-quality tutoring to students taking the 51A-B-C Organic Chemistry series as well as 51LB and 51LC! Every week, tutors provide worksheets and hold office hours tailored for the class they are tutoring for and also hold midterm and final review sessions. At Med-Pathway, we love Organic Chemistry (O Chem) and so does the MCAT. OChem provides a very good foundation for understanding various aspects of medicine including biochemistry, drug development, and drug design. Med-Pathway’s very own Dr. Phil Carpenter studied O Chem under the world famous Dr. Bruice at UCSB and was a Master Trainer.

** Course materials are all on Canvas. Some useful links are below for non-registered students to view **

CHEM 8A Summer ’20 Syllabus – tentative (a few details need to be clarified); UCSC login required for access

Lecture Videos – UCSC login required for access; more will be added as the class progresses


Textbook: “Organic Chemistry, 3rd edition” by David Klein. Must be 3rd edition. Purchase through bookstore for WileyPLUS access card – includes the physical textbook, access to e-text, and online HW (optional, extra credit)


Apps, Videos, Misc.

Chirality-2 (mac) (android)

Chairs (mac) (android)

Practice Exams

Organic Chemistry Midterm Review

Organic Chemistry Midterm

YouTube Playlists for practice midterms (F18 only)

Organic chemistry midterm questions

Organic Chemistry Midterm

8A Final Exam Topics and Chapter 7 Reaction Starburst

Chemistry 1 Midterm Review Answers

Note: different exam cutoffs in F19 & Sum20. Think of “exam 2” and “final exam” as 2 different practice finals 🙂

Organic Chemistry 2 Lab Midterm

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