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Thanks but I need the hex commands for the Philips LCD screens for the Serial Xpress interface. The switch on commands for an NEC screen is rs232.txhex=AA11FE010111 switch to HDMI input rs232.txhex=AA14FE012134 An example from a Sqamsung RS232 manual is shown below, I can convert these commands to hex, what I am after is the commands. 3,946 likes 3 talking about this. Latest bulletins from television daily soaps and reality shows on

All packages of SOLIDWORKS come with the ability to use the SOLIDWORKS Xpress products. These products are a lighter version of the full add-in, but often times will be useful in the design process. There are five products in total:

  • SimulationXpress
  • FloXpress
  • DFMXpress
  • SustainabilityXpress
  • DriveWorksXpress
Serial Xpress

As of 2015, to use these features, you will first need to receive a product code, then activate the product on your machine. These codes are linked to your serial number, so if you are planning to run the Xpress products on multiple machines, you would need to activate on each machine. Here is how you get started:

1) Log into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account. If you need to create one, follow these steps.

2) With SOLIDWORKS open, you can either go to Tools > Xpress Products, or the Evaluate tab of an open Part to access the different Xpress Products.

3) A Window will appear “Enable <product>.” Click on the link provided (

4) It may prompt you to log into your customer portal account again. If so, log in to the account you created in step 1. If you do not get this error, it should take you to the screen in step 5.

5) The code will be provided in the green box. Copy the code and paste it into the box from step 3 and hit OK. You should now have full access to the Xpress product that you selected.

Note: There is a slight chance the link in step 3 will instead take you to the page below. You can also end up here if you hit the View other products on the code screen of another product. If you find yourself here, enter your 24 digit SOLIDWORKS serial number which can be found in SOLIDWORKS. Go to Help > About SOLIDWORKS > click “Show Serial Number” to see your serial. Then select the version of SOLIDWORKS you are using and the product you want the code for. The Get My Code button should take you to the code page in step 5.

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems technical support at 877.266.4469 (US) or 866.587.6803 (Canada) or email us at [email protected]

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Measurement Collection Specialists
Connect Any Gage into Any Software

MobileCollect Wireless
Software Programs

Several different software programs can be used to support the set up and use of MobileCollect. These programs are described below. Copies of the User's Guides and the software are available in the links below. You can install these programs on as many computers as required. All of these programs have been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. All of the programs shown below are included on the MobileCollect CD that is shipped with MobileCollect.

Xpress Setup Program
The MobileCollect Xpress Setup Program is used to set up and configure the MobileCollect Bases and Mobile Modules.

The Xpress Setup Program provides access to the most common setup features required by most users to configure their Mobile Modules (Mini, Digital and RS-232) and Bases (USB, USB MicroBase and RS-232). The Xpress Setup Program is easy to use, and we strongly recommend that you take a look at this program. If the features you require are not supported by the Xpress Setup Program, you can use the Extended Setup Program.

For more information, download the Xpress Setup Program User's Guide.

The Xpress Setup Program can be downloaded from the MobileCollect Software & Firmware Updates page.

Extended Setup Program
The MobileCollect Extended Setup Program is used to set up and configure the MobileCollect Bases, Remotes and Mobile Modules.

The Extended Setup Program consists of a series of tabs. The Main Setup tab is used for Base and Remote configuration. The other tabs in the Setup Program will be enabled or disabled based upon the unit (Base or Remote) that you are configuring. Most people that use the Extended Setup Program to configure their Mini, Digitaland RS-232 Mobile Modules could use the MobileCollect Xpress Setup Program.

For more information, download the Extended Setup Program User's Guide.

The Xpress Setup Program can be downloaded from the MobileCollect Software & Firmware Updates page.

RF Sniffer Program
The MobileCollect RF Sniffer allows you to determine the amount of RF communications occurring on each of the RF channels that can be used by MobileCollect. The Sniffer takes 500 measurements on a channel and determines for each measurement if there was any RF activity. After the measurements are taken on a channel, the Sniffer moves to the next channel and repeats the process. It takes approximately .096 seconds (96 msec) to capture the 500 measurements on a channel. The total time to scan all 16 channels is about 1.6 seconds.

For more information, download the RF Sniffer Program User's Guide.

The RF Sniffer Program is included with the Xpress and Extended Setup Programs.

Serial Express Vpn

WedgeLink Xpress Keyboard Wedge Program
WedgeLink Xpress is a software keyboard wedge designed to work with MobileCollect Bases. A keyboard wedgereads data from a serial port and passes this data to a PC application in such a manner that the application thinks the data is entered via the keyboard. Keyboard wedges are commonly used with applications such as Microsoft Excel and other data database programs.

WedgeLink Xpress can be downloaded from the MobileCollect Software & Firmware Updates page.

ComTestSerial Serial Communications TestProgram

Serial Xpress

The ComTestSerial serial communications test program allows you to test communications with any serial device. MicroRidge saw a need for a fast, effective and easy-to-use serial test communications program. MicroRidge developed ComTestSerial to meet that need, and are offering it free of charge to anyone who has a need for a communications test program.

When testing your MobileCollect system, you can easily send the data received by a Base to ComTestSerial. You can also send commands from ComTestSerial to your Base. ComTestSerial is included with the Xpress and Extended Setup Programs.

Go to the ComTestSerial web page for more information and to download a copy.

Nandini Serial Xpress

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