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Sourcetree for Windows; SRCTREEWIN-6290; The latest update of SourceTree does not pass Username and Password to the proxy server. Last modified: Wed Nov 20 20:49:56 UTC 2019: Last modified by: tim.lebedk. Created: Fri Jul 29 19:23:31 UTC 2016: Created by: tim.lebedk. Automated tests. To install the new version of SourceTree: Open SourceTree. Click HelpCheck for Updates and install the latest updates for your current version of SourceTree (udates your version to SourceTree1.9). Feb 20, 2019 in old 1.9 source tree same token works flawless, but in new fugly 3.x nothing works. Removing all account restarting git, doesn't work. Adding manually account to setting (which creates 2 entries, one for basic auth, and one account) doesn't work. Yes PAT refresh token says SUCCESS but PUSH to repository always fails.


Windows 版本的 Source Tree 果然比 1.9的快好多,大赞。#SourceTree# 2017/04/27 09:04.

The last several times I tried to update Sourcetree, it got significantly worse, with features and functionality being silently removed or broken left and right. Every UI 'improvement' they made felt backwards to me. Simple quality of life things like being able to drag files between the staged/unstaged area just stopped working.

Then, trying to guess/figure out the correct previous version you were running that had all the functionality you needed is a nightmare.

I tried to give this a shot.

1. Run the installer.

2. Prompt informed me that I should uninstall the previous version of Sourcetree. No other information on the prompt. Close the prompt.

3. Nothing happens. I expect that the new version can't install next to an old version. No problem, let me go uninstall the old version...

Sourcetree 1.9.13


Sourcetree 1.9.10 Download

4. After about 15 seconds of going through the control panel, uninstall programs, look for sourcetree, etc...

5. Sourcetree pops up. No notification that anything was installing. No customization of install options. No warning of any kind that this was actually being installed on your system.

Sourcetree 1.9 download

6. Oh, look at that. They removed UI components that I consider critical, with no option of 'toggling' those components - just a complete removal (ex: the sidebar that listed all the projects. I have a lot of projects, scrolling through tabs at the top is not good enough)

I really wish the Windows side of Sourcetree would get it's shit together. I'll be going back to my older version.

Sorry for being such a negative nancy. If anyone has a recommendation for another Git GUI client for Windows, please let me know.