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  1. The thing with the SourceTree is that it allows syncing work and management of projects stored on Git. For instance, you can start by creating a project on Github and then connect it to your SourceTree software so that later on, when you update your code or include new code you can upload the data on Github using SourceTree.
  2. Use the full capability of Git and Mercurial in the SourceTree desktop app. Manage all your repositories, hosted or local, through SourceTree's simple interface. Mercurial belongs to 'Version Control System' category of the tech stack, while SourceTree can be primarily classified under 'Source Code Management Desktop Apps'.
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Open, explore and modify GitHub projects, as well as quickly publish the changes to the website with the help of this desktop client

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Sourcetree Alternatives. Sourcetree is described as 'A powerful Mac and Windows client for Mercurial and Git distributed version control systems' and is a well-known app in the Development category. There are more than 25 alternatives to Sourcetree for a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Self-Hosted solutions and Node.JS.

SourceTree is a powerful desktop client that allows you to connect to your online repository on websites such as GitHub, Stash or BitBucket. The application is designed to help you create or change the existing projects on either of these websites. You can clone elements, build new repositories and easily publish them online.

Easily manage your online repository

SourceTree can act as a client for Git and Mercurial tools, plus it allows you to easily make the required modifications in your projects. The program features an intuitive interface, with modern-looking windows and function buttons; you can thus work in a friendly graphic interface instead of the command line.

You can open several repositories, from local or remote folders, at the same time and view them as a list in the dedicated column. You can easily switch between them by double clicking on them or by selecting the tabs at the top of the window.

Call your team in for project development

SourceTree supports DVCS or distributed version control system, which allows you and your team to work simultaneously on the same project. The committed changes and the names of the authors are displayed in the activity log table.

You can view the Git flow changes, as well as checkout existing items or new branches. A branch can easily be edited or deleted, using the designated function. The program allows you to perform interactive rebasing of the selected items, add tags or merge files. Moreover, you can highlight differences between versions, resolve conflicts, track the selected items or commit them.

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Sourcetree 4k

Reliable tool for developers

SourceTree is a suitable solution for improving work speed for developers, in particular users of Git or Mercurial tools. It allows you to use Git-flow and Hg-flow, as well as to manage your repositories and clean them. The program features clear commands and it is easy to get accustomed to.

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  • Configured account on GitHub, Stash or BitBucket
SourcetreeNew in SourceTree 4.0.1:
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Upgraded embedded git to 2.23.0
  • Security Fix for Code injection due to entitlement
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SourceTree 4.0.2

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Sourcetree 4k

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  • Using the Client you get on top of the tasks you are working at. You don't have a single chance to miss anything. Get updates associated with your code on the fly.

  • Track your progress visually. Review informative branching diagrams and achieve team objectives keeping up the good job.

  • SourceTree is compatible with two popular OS, so you can harness the power of Git no matter of your preferences (Windows or Mac).

  • Working with Git properly requires extensive knowledge. Learn from detailed tutorials throwing light at merging, branching, and many more aspects.

  • Your team can keep an eye on big data assets from a single location thanks to SourceTree support of Git Large File Support.

  • You don't need to leave the SourceTree to find branches, commits, and file changes, do it within the app.

  • SourceTree and out-of-the-box git-flow branching allows you to keep the repositories clutter-free, which facilitates high-capacity development.

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Sourcetree 401k

  • You will like the interactive rebase tool the SourceTree offers. Use it to make commits cleaner and clearer.

Sourcetree 4.0

  • Manage your projects smarter with Submodules. Group them, set dependencies, and do other helpful things.

Sourcetree 4 Windows

Sourcetree 4.0.2

  • Find and make copies of remote repositories via a user-friendly SourceTree interface.