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Nov 05, 2014 Make the most of the space you have with these clever and different space saving ideas as being creative is the key for kitchen space saver. Swing-out storage can create more space; Choose storage that can be rolled away; Make the most of awkward and hidden spaces Open shelving can be opted in a small kitchen; Save space with a folding kitchen.

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Do you have a kitchen pantry in your home? Is your pantry a little… cluttered? Out-of-date? Boring? The kitchen pantry tends to be one of those places that are either forgotten or used to just toss in anything and everything. A lot of the time they are plain, boring, and messy. However, if organized correctly, a beautiful pantry can make your kitchen life a whole lot easier.

So, if you are looking to remodel your old pantry, create a new one, or just drool over some photos of clean and handsome kitchen storage spaces, then you are in the right place! Today we have a list of 30 outstanding pantries and pantry ideas to encourage you to make some changes in your kitchen!

Unique Kitchen Pantry Ideas

1. Chalkboard Pantry

A great way to stay organized is to add chalkboards to your pantry doors! One chalkboard is a grocery list so you can write down what you’re running out of, the other chalkboard is a dinner planner.

2. Retro Pantry

I love this retro pantry with a bright submarine door and hand-stamped citrus wallpaper!! It is just so darling and will definitely inspire you to do some baking just so that you can open the pantry.

3. Labeled Pantry

Adding clear labels to different sized containers and jars will make your life a whole lot easier. I like the idea of using clear containers so you can see exactly what you’re grabbing and what you’re running low on.

4. Dollar Store Pantry

Here is another example of labeling your pantry containers for efficiency and organization. This pantry was made from simple items bought at a dollar store!

5. Crate Floor Storage

This is an excellent idea for using that floor space as more storage space. Put an old shabby-chic crate on wheels so it can easily be pulled in and out and then give it a label.

6. Pot Lid Hanger

Pot lids tend always to be the messiest part of my kitchen. They are difficult to stack and seem to take up a lot of space. I love this idea of hanging them up vertically, so they are easily accessible and organized!

7. DIY Pantry Spice Rack

Do you have a million and one spices and just not enough space for them all? You’re not alone! Here is the perfect solution to your spice problem; a vertical spice rack that fits perfectly on your pantry door.

8. Itty Bitty Pantry

Space Saver Pantry

Short on space? Well, here is an example that with a little creativity you can fit a pantry into any small wall space you have available. The cutest little pantry around!

9. Canned Food Pantry

I love this idea! That tiny space beside the fridge typically is just a gathering place for dust bunnies, but with this slim pull-out canned food storage shelf you can make better use of it!

10. Barn Door Under the Stairs Pantry

Create a pantry space under your stairs by adding some shelves and building this rustic sliding barn door. A great place to store extra dry goods that aren’t used that often.

11. Chalkboard Barn Door

While we are looking at sliding barn doors to use in a pantry, let’s take a look at this example. This door has an added chalkboard feature so you can keep track of your groceries, or allow the little ones to express their creativity!

12. Pantry Barn Doors

Another example of sliding barn pantry doors this time using a double door system for a shallow pantry. A beautiful way to hide your messy pantry!

13. Ikea Pantry

Sometimes all you need to make a great pantry is to buy a built-in version from a store like Ikea. It comes with all the parts you need and only needs to be assembled, and then you’re ready to start storing!

14. Under Shelf Pantry Storage

To really make use of all your pantry space you can create hanging shelves underneath main shelves. I think this is a great space-saving idea that is easy to do and also cheap!

15. Wardrobe Pantry

If your house doesn’t have a built-in pantry why not think about using an old wardrobe to store your dried goods? This closet has a wire mesh instead of wooden doors so you can easily see inside.

16. Library Pantry

I love how elegant and just plain lovely this pantry is. It has a beautiful vintage feel, and the idea of putting a library ladder for hard to reach items is genius!

17. Organized Pantry

This pantry has a perfect spot for every item! I love the rounded corner shelves that seem to fit appliances well, and the bookshelf for cookbooks.

18. Bright and Rustic Pantry

This pantry is just so happy! I am in love with that beautiful blue wall contrasting the white shabby chic crates and woven baskets. Organized, bright, and fun!

19. Small but Solid Pantry

Here is an example that even a small pantry can be an organized one. Metal baskets, labeled containers, and lots of shelving helps everything stay where it needs to be. I’m in love with the antique table they’ve used as more counter space!

FoodSpace Saver Pantry

20. Roll Out Pantry

A brilliant idea indeed! Putting your box shelving on wheels and tracks so that they can easily be accessed will really utilize every bit of pantry space you’ve got.

21. Butlers Pantry

Bright, classy, and quaint, this pantry is looking luxurious with the deep royal blues and elegant dishware. Having a pantry that connects your kitchen to your living room is an interesting idea and must make hosting very easy!

22. Wooden Pantry

Open wooden shelving is an excellent idea if you are short on space and have a spare wall you can use for a pantry. The dark wood looks great next to the beautiful wooden ceiling beams.

23. Pull Out Pantry

Another pull-out pantry, this time a little more substantial to be able to fit any item. The door features a chalkboard that is definitely useful for writing down items that you run out of.

24. Busy yet Beautiful Pantry

Kitchen Storage Space Savers

What I love about this pantry, besides the beautiful honey-colored wood, is the fact that you can close the doors and hide your clutter if you want! There are a lot of great organization ideas here like the metal door shelving and the pull-out vegetable baskets.

25. Secret Pantry

A hidden pantry under the stairs! Genius! With some simple shelving units and a light fixture, of course, you can have your very own secret pantry. The small roll-out shelf is another excellent idea to add even more storage space!

26. Tiled Pantry

Even though this pantry is quite small and skinny, the bright white tiles make it feel a lot larger. Using clear containers for everything makes it even more bright and easy to manage.

27. Bakers Pantry

This pantry is a bakers dream! So much space for so many things! Beautiful marble countertops with white cupboards and some serious pops of color make this pantry a paradise.

28. DIY Pantry

Don’t have a pantry built-in? You can get creative by making your own with basically any type of storage unit. I love this idea of refurbishing old lockers to create a unique and useful piece in the kitchen.

29. Armoire Pantry

One other idea for creating your own pantry is using an old armoire! You can paint it to match your kitchen color scheme or leave it in its original state.

30. Lazy Susan Pantry

Adding lazy susans to the corners of your pantry is a fantastic idea! Things always seem to get lost and left in those back corners. With these turning tables, you will have easy access to all your dry goods.

Conclusion to Unique Kitchen Pantry Ideas

So there we have it! Proof that a pantry doesn’t have to be a cluttered mess! Evidence that pantries don’t have to be boring little nooks that no one pays any attention to! Proof that a pantry, if organized well, can bring peace and clarity to your cooking life! Three cheers for pantries! Okay… too much?

Space Saving Shelving

Take another look at your pantry (or lack-there-of) and ask yourself if it could use a little help, then pick one or more of these amazing ideas to apply to it! Watch how your kitchen transforms and how cooking suddenly becomes easier. Which is your favorite pantry?

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