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Talking In Stations Podcast

Last night, Zaenis Desef was on Talking in Stations. Matterall kept worrying about all the newbros who are permanently traumatized by Highsec ganking, but Zaenis did a good job of urging everybody to calm down and remember that this is just a video game. Let’s check out some highlights from the chat! BONUS: Afterward Zaenis streamed some Orca ganking, and you could hear. – – – – – – – – – – – – – 01 TALKING IN STATIONS Latest Episode Latest News TIS TOPIC 1 Lorem ipsum dolor EXPLORE TIS TOPIC 2 Lorem ipsum dolor EXPLORE TIS TOPIC 3 Lorem ipsum dolor EXPLORE News Bulletin Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus,. Vily talks about the M2 camp experience and how close it came to derailing the invasion of Delve. Now that the camp is over, what will PAPI do in Delve and what is the win condition of the war for them. Talking in Stations brings you the stories that occur in EVE Online, EVE Echoes, and other large scale video games and virtual worlds.

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Vince Draken appears on the Talking In Stations Show

Talking In Stations Twitch

The latest Talking In Stations show was a great surprise as Vince Draken and Grath Telkin came by to discuss everything from the current war to politics and behavior. The two talked with the show’s panel for three hours.

Vince makes very rare appearances on anything outside the game and hasn’t been seen in any EVE streaming or podcast media for years. Both Vince and Grath have been leaders for two of the strongest alliances in nullsec, Northern Coalition. (NCdot) and Pandemic Legion (PL). They were both fleet commanders in the 20+ hour-long B-R5RB bloodbath.

Topics covered in this especially long episode ranged from current war, game trends, history, and politics. They also talk about the NCdot and PL relationship and how that works, as well their reaction to toxic behavior in the EVE meta. Lots of humor, insight and spaceship seriousness were shared during the extended show.

Enjoy this special episode on your plane ride home from a great Fanfest.

[ PODCAST AUDIO ]Talkinginstations

The show is archived on Youtube and Twitch.

Talking in Stations is an EVE Show that covers news, politics, and general topics of EVE Online. Many different points of view are covered by wide variety of guests. For example, previous guests have included:

  • Progodlegend
  • CCP Nullarbor
  • Eep [IWANTISK]
  • DomanarK
  • Killah Bee
  • Noizy Gamer
  • Jayne Fillon
  • Sion Kumitomo
  • Seraph IX Basarab
  • Lockefox

The regular panel consists of myself, Dirk MacGirk, Dreydan Torvirr, Tiberius Stargazer, and Ashterothi.

Talking In Stations Podcast

Catch the show live Friday nights 6 PM Pacific time on TheMittanidotcom Twitch channel.

Archives of past episodes can be found on Twitch and Youtube.

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