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Turkish Series Online

With an appealing blend of strong characters, perfect chemistry among actors, engaging storyline, emphasis on right social issues and cultural mixture Turkish drama serials are very popular in South American and the west. Although the national language of these countries like Brazil, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile is not Turkish but Turkish dizi fans love to watch Turkish series with English subtitles.

Moreover, DigitalCruch noticed that the majority of Turkish TV series fans are always in search of a website or place to watch them online with English subtitles. We also receive tons of emails every week where our readers ask questions like these:

“Where I can Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles?”, “How I can download Turkish dramas with English Subtitles?”, “Can you suggest any site to stream the latest Turkish series?”, “Why I am not able to find my favourite Turkish dizi in English?” and much more. We answer all of these emails, but now, we’ve decided to share the legit & the best sites to watch Turkish series with English subtitles to assist foreign fans of Turkish dizi.

Here we go:

Express Dizi — Latest Turkish Series online, free with English Subtitles

Turkish series online english subtitles
  • No registration required
  • All latest Turkish dramas available with quality English translation
  • A free site to stream Turkish TV series
  • HD resolution
  • Offers 2 to 4 players to watch your favourite show
  • Run popup ads
  • Old Turkish drama serials are not available

If you are a regular viewer of the Turkish series then for sure, you would like to watch the latest shows with HD display and quality translation. In this regard, Express Dizi wouldn’t disappoint you. Indeed, you can stream your favourite latest Turkish dramas at Express Dizi without compromising the translation quality for free.

However, this site runs some popup and other ads which is very fair because they need money to proceed with this task. Withal, you can donate some money if you like their work.


  • Free & quick site to watch Turkish TV series online
  • Easy to download
  • Can watch with both online and offline means
  • HD picture quality
  • No popup ad
  • Compromised translations
  • Challenging to find shows with English subtitles

There is no ambiguity that YouTube is the best free source to watch Turkish series with English subtitles without much hassle. You need to open the YouTube application on your smartphone or browse YouTube on your PC or tablet. You need to write the name of your desired Turkish shows name with English subtitles, and within seconds you would find it.

The best thing about YouTube that it streams the shows with fewer ads and without popup commercials. You can also use terms like ‘YouTube Turkish Series with English Subtitles’ on Google to watch your favourite drama series.

If we talk about the cons of YouTube, then it is tough to find Turkish dramas with English subtitles on YouTube, especially the ones which are not available with English subs. Furthermore, YouTube can also remove any content anytime if it gets any copyright claim from the producers. Equivalently, the quality of translations could be compromised.

Promix TV — Watch Turkish Series with English & Spanish Subtitles

  • A free source to watch Turkish series with English & Spanish subtitles
  • No registration required
  • Big collection of Turkish series & movies
  • Stream high definition videos

Turkish series fans don’t only want to watch their favourite shows with English subtitles, but they also wish to their Portuguese, German, Spanish, Arabic and other language dubbing & subtitles. That’s why Promix TV took great initiative, and they are streaming Turkish series with both English & Español subtitles. For sure, in future, they would also hit the other languages.

Luckily, there is also good news for Turkish dramas fans that Promix TV owns a vast collection of Turkish movies & series with Spanish & English subtitles for free of cost. As usual, like any free platform, they are also running some ads on their site, which are not harmful. Hopefully, Turkish drama viewers understand it and wouldn’t mind it.


  • Watch Turkish TV series free online
  • A variety of Turkish series available
  • Good quality of English translation
  • Fewer ads
  • Free membership account available
  • Although it is free but you need to create an account and subscribe the series to watch it with English subtitles

A considerable number of English Turkish series fans prefer to stream their desired Turkish dizi with English subtitles at Turkfans because it doesn’t show a lot of ads. Yes, Turkfans is also an excellent site to stream Turkish TV series in English online.

However, you need to subscribe to the show before watching it. And you can only subscribe to the show after having a membership account at Turkfans. Indeed, you don’t need to worry because membership accounts at Turkfans are entirely free right now, but we are not sure about their future policy.

AR Dirilis Ertugrul — Best Site to Watch Turkish Historical Series

  • Free source to watch Turkish Historical series with English subtitle & dubbing
  • No registration required
  • A vast collection of Turkish historical dramas
  • Quality translation & videos
  • No ads

If you are a fan of historical Turkish shows and want to watch them with English or Arabic subtitles or dubbing then you must consider AR Dirilis Ertugrul. It is the perfect place to watch Diriliş Ertuğrul with English Subtitles free online. Moreover, you would also find some classic historical Turkish series of TRT1 here.

Propitiously, you can watch Kurulus Osman, Filinta Mustafa, Yunus Emre & Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu with English subtitles at AR Dirilis Ertugrul without a single advertisement or break. However, this free Turkish series streaming site is only reserved for historical dramas.

WLEXT — Watch & Download Turkish Series with English Subtitles

  • No signup required
  • Free Turkish series streaming site with English subtitles
  • DMCA enables
  • Allows 4 servers to stream online
  • Allows 2 servers to download Turkish dramas with English subtitle

WLEXT is another wonderful place which doesn’t only stream Turkish drama serials with English dubbing & subtitles but also offers UK & other Asian series. You just need to visit their site, and you can watch your desired Turkish show in English there. However, if your default server is not working, then you can also change it and use any other from the remaining three. Luckily, two servers are also there to download Turkish dramas.

Mayhap, too many popup ads could make you annoyed while clicking on your favourite series there but you need to understand it because free sources usually use them.

TurkFlux — Paid Service to Watch Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles

Turkish Series OnlineTurkish

Turkish Series online, free In Arabic Dialogue

  • An extensive collection of Turkish series
  • Fast uploads
  • HD resolution
  • No compromise on translation quality
  • More than 3000 episodes of different Turkish series & movies are available
  • Users can also request to translation any Turkish drama
  • Paid service ($110 Annual Fee & $13.99 Monthly Charges)

Many Turkish TV series fans are willing to pay for English subtitles, but they don’t want to compromise on the quality of translation. If you are one of them, then you should subscribe to TurkFlux. They already have 3000 plus episodes of various Turkish shows and movies with English subtitles in their catalogue. They also claim about using the services of multilingual Turkish experts, who are best in writing & speaking both Turkish & English languages.

Though it is a paid service but I don’t think $110 per year is a high cost to watch your favourite shows on time and with the right subtitles. You must consider this service to watch your desired Turkish series from now.

Watch Turkish Series online, free

Osman Online

  • Free site to watch Turkish historical dramas with English subtitle
  • HD videos & fine translation
  • Share your thoughts with their team
  • No signup required

Turkish Series online, free

  • Only a few series like Kurulus Osman, Payitaht: Abdülhamid & Dirilis Ertugrul with English subtitles are available
  • No many ads

Osman Online is another good site that many of you have used to watch Kurulus Osman or Dirilis Ertugrul with English subtitles. No doubt, it is a reliable source to watch Turkish historical dramas for free, but the numbers of shows are minimal here.

Netflix – Advanced Paid Website to Watch Turkish Series with Subtitles

  • Well-optimized & device compatible videos
  • A reputable places to watch Turkish series
  • Secure payment
  • Great quality of translation
  • No advertisement and popup ads
  • Paid service to watch Turkish dramas with English subtitles ($13.99/monthly for standard & $17.99/monthly for the premium package)

Netflix is an advanced and one of the best streaming service where you can watch Turkish drama serials with English subtitles with a monthly fee under its basic, standard and premium plans. As compared to the other sites, you would get the excellent picture quality here. Furthermore, this site doesn’t run any ad and optimize the video according to the user’s device.

Even nowadays, Netflix is also streaming Turkish series under the tag of Netflix Originals. It is 100% legal to watch Turkish series on Netflix. Hopefully, you would have a good experience there.

Watch Turks — Another Paid Service to Watch Turkish Series

  • Reasonable annually, semi-annually & monthly membership plans
  • Easy to integrate
  • Supports several OS platforms
  • It is hard to judge from the site that how many Turkish series and movies with English subtitles it is offering.
  • You need to pay to watch Turkish shows with English subtitles here. WT offers three plans in this regard. It charges $14 per month under the silver package, $29 for 3 months and $99 for an annual subscription.

This is another place to watch Turkish TV series with monthly, yearly and semi-annually subscription. Yes, they have many Turkish series with English subtitles, and you can proceed with a subscription if you see your desired series in their list.

Unluckily, their list is not large enough but their price is still reasonable and also offer discount offers occasionally. However, it is better to discuss their team before proceeding with this site.

The primary purpose of sharing this list of sites where you can watch Turkish series with subtitles is only helping our readers. DigitalCruch would like to share with its readers that it is not a sponsored post and we didn’t rank them. You can pick any site to watch your favourite Turkish shows with English subtitles if their specifications are according to your needs. Hopefully, you would go with the right option.

Turkish Series online, free

You can also share your experience about different sites that offer subtitles by commenting below or by writing to us. We always appreciate your feedback.