Vacwel Storage Bags

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Vacwel Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Ziplock Space Saver Bags (10 Jumbo Bags) Vacwel Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags for Packing are ideal for Moving Home and Seasonal Storage. Vacwel Vacuum Space Bags provide protection from dust and dampness whilst simultaneously saving you much valuable storage.

This Vacuum Storage 'Space Saver' pack includes:

  1. Vacuum storage bags are hugely popular as a means of saving storage space while simultaneously protecting your fabrics.
  2. Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Quilts, Pillows, Size 43x30? - LOOKING FOR JUMBO COMPRESSION BAGS? How about 43 x 30' as an extra large size. Use these Vacwel Vacuum Suction Bags for comforters, for cushions duvets or blankets, their storing capacity is HUGE!
  3. Vacwel XXXL & Jumbo Size Vacuum Storage Bags for Cushions, Pillows, & Comforter Storage. Space Saver Bags VACCUM SEAL BAGS IN XL and JUMBO SIZES (3 x extra large 47 x 35 inch bags and 3x jumbo 43 x 30) are the ultimate way to create space in your home.
Vacwel vacuum storage bags how to useVacwel Storage Bags

8x Jumbo 43 x 30 inch Vacuum Storage Bags

4x Large 32 x 21 inch sizes Vacuum Storage Bags

This pack is ideal for large volumes of storage. These Jumbo and Large Size bags pack a huge amount of fabric and are frequently brought by those with large amounts of bedding or clothing to store. Those living in extreme seasonal locations requiring large volumes of seasonal storage frequently buy this pack. As well, home movers, commercial retailers and those involved in the hospitality sector.


All Vacwel bags are strongly crafted and will save as much as 80% in space depending on the fabric type. Feel secure knowing your precious contents will be protected from nasty Bacteria, Spiders and Insects. Also from Water, Mold, Moisture, Mildew and Bad Smelling Odors! When you open your bags, you can expect your items to be as fresh as the day you sealed them in.

Vacwel Vacuum Storage Bags How To Use

Vacwel have designed their sealer bags to be THICKER and STRONGER than 95% of bags sold by other brands therefore you can expect BETTER DURABILITY and RE-USABILITY! Whats more at Vacwel, we express our product confidence by offering a no-hassle replacement/ refund guarantee to any customer not satisfied with their product purchase.

Vacwell Storage Bags

Clear instruction are provided in each pack, however Vacwel have used a very simple ZIP-LOCK closure seal system that anyone can perform. This pack includes a travel pump which is fantastic while away, however we suggest if you have access to a vacuum cleaner, that is preferred method. All that is required is a regular hose nozzle.

Vacwel Storage Bags

100% PRODUCT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with our product quality, Vacwel will issue a refund, store credit or replace the product free of charge.