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The A6M5 Hei is a late modification of the well-known Japanese ‘Zero’ fighter, fitted with much heavier armament than preceding variants. Soon, the A6M5 Hei will expand the Zero family of aircraft in the Japanese aviation tree with the release of the next major War Thunder update “Ixwa Strike”!

Briefly: A late war modification of the legendary ‘Zero’, upgunned with additional heavy machine guns as well as additional secondary weapons.

War thunder a6m5

The Mitsubishi A6M5 Reisen (code name «Zeke»), often referred to as the 'Zero' due to its naval designation as the Type 0, is a single-seat carrier based monoplane fighter currently sitting at Tier 12 in the Japanese line. The upfront cost of a A6M5 is 820,000. It is also available as a gift aircraft for purchasing the Japanese Pacific Campaign (1941-1942).

A6M5 Hei, fighter, Japan, rank III.

Gaijin has released something for the Japanese air tree in update Ixwa Strike! It's a late-war modification of the A6M Zero, the A6M5 Hei, or A6M5 Model 52c, or A6M5c Model 52, depending on how you feel today. Check it out!

War Thunder A6m5

The Link: https://warthunder.com/en/news/7072-development-a6m5-hei-the-up-gunned-samurai-en

  • War Thunder Arcade/Realistic Gameplay. War Thunder Premium Review: Japanese A6M5 Ko. War Thunder patch 1.69, featuring the Japanese A6M5. Japanese A6M5 Ko Re.
  • The A6M5 otsu is a rank III Japanese fighter with a battle rating of 4.7 (AB/RB) and 5.0 (SB). It was introduced in Update 1.37. Being the last version in-game of the famed A6M 'Zero' this aircraft is not only a continuation of the classic series but also a major improvement.
  • The A6M5 ko is significantly overtiered at 5.0 BR. The performance gap between the Zero and other fighters is even worse. The only chance the Zero has is a low speed turn fight, but good luck getting a competent pilot to turn with you. Putting a talisman on the Ki-84 ko or G8N1 is a better idea.
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War Thunder A6m5 Ko Vs A7m1

War Thunder A6m5

Description Mitsubishi Zero A6M5 Model 52c are sent back from Korea to Kyushû island, to take part in a Kamikaze attack (early 1945).
Date early 1945
Source 1. Historic Wings [1]
Author unlisted

War Thunder A6m5 Ko

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War Thunder A6m5 Ko

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