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Ive put 10,000 SL on a Hero of the sky wager. Heres my lineup: Chi-Ri II, A6M5 Ko, So-Ki, M4A3, Chi-To Late, Ki 49 II. I just finished a game with 4 plane kills, 1 with So-Ki, 3 with the Zero. How to unlock the Weapon of Heroes achievement in War Thunder: Destroy 10 enemy ships by ramming them.


Heroes of the Storm Official Trailer

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Gaijin Entertainment is proud to present brand new CGI-trailer for PC MMO-combat game War Thunder, also the launch title for PlayStation 4. This video is called War Thunder Heroes and encompasses our vision of the game, where host of aircrafts, ground vehicles and naval forces are locked in a full-scale global conflict over WW2 theaters of war.

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The Game I Played Was A Ground Battle. Also, As In Air Battles You Only Play With Planes, The Hero Of The Sky Wager Is Pretty Straightforward There...

From January 4th, 2015 to January 11th, 2015:
Reach first place in a victorious battle and earn bags full of silver!
Repeat it over eight consecutive days for a total of more than 1 000 000 !

«Deed» - To fulfil a deed, you need to reach first place in a battle that ended with a victory for your team. All deeds are consecutive to the previous deed. To be able to fulfil the ‘Second Deed’, you must have already unlocked the ‘First Deed’ and so on. Earn more than 900 points in Arcade battles and more than 600 points in a Realistic and Simulator battle, while driving vehicles from 2nd to 5th rank!

Starting dates for the daily deeds are as follows:


Achivement: (from 4th - 11th January)

Reward: (Silver Lions)

«The First Deed»


«The Second Deed»


«The Third Deed»


«The Fourth Deed»


«The Fifth Deed»


«The Sixth Deed»


«The Seventh Deed»


«The Eight Deed»


Additional Deed (11th January, Sunday)

«Golden Victory»

Golden Eagles! (more details soon™)

Details and rules:

War Thunder Heroes Trailer Song

  • 'The first feat' will be available on January 4th (12:00 GMT)

  • You can start completing 'deeds' on any of the days (4th to 11th January)

  • In one day you can complete only one 'deed'

  • If a series of 'heroic deeds' is interrupted, the action resets to the first 'deed'

  • Produce 'deeds' on a daily basis to get more rewards

'Hero Of The Sky' Vs 'Terror Of The Sky'

On the 11th of January you’ll also have the ability to earn the particularly special ‘Ninth Deed’ - Golden Victory! You do not need to gather previous deed to achive the Golden One. Details on this deed will be published later.

War Thunder Heroes America

Heroes of War Thunder, show your courage!