War Thunder M4

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War Thunder M4
  • Вам не понравилось видео. Спасибо за то что поделились своим мнением!

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Our captured Sherman friend recently moved to a Battle Rating in a recent patch. I was curious to see if he was still yup Germany is still a monster line up.
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War Thunder M4a3e8

War Thunder M4

War Thunder M4 Tipo Ic

M4 75/37 (M4 Hybrid, M4A4) M4 76/55 (M4 Tipo IC, M4 Tipo Vc) M4 105/22 (M4A3(105)) These tanks and armoured vehicles were given to Italy, the first official armoured corps for Italy was founded in September 1947 and was reunited in Roma to create the first post-war tankers School.

War Thunder M47


War Thunder M4 Hybrid

  • I have really bad experience playing M4 and M4A1. I wonder If it is just my play-style and lack of knowledge (maybe there is some strength I'm not aware of ) or if it is objectively so much inferior to its competitors at BR 3.3-3.7? I have to say, for me the most important aspect of tank is cannon - one-shot-kill ability (for arcades) and flat trajectory (for realistic battles).
  • The Frankenstein Spaghetti M4 Hybrid Sherman is a Rank 2 Italian Premium. Being Rank 2, it makes it a poor choice for grinding. However, the M4 Hybrid is sti.