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War Thunder Simulation Mode Bombing

Pilots and Tankers!
Soon, we plan to make some changes in Simulator Battle mode. After the release of Ground Forces, this mode has become much more popular, the majority of players preferring mixed plane and tank battles while “pure” air battles are less than 10%. Though the number of SB players has significantly increased, waiting time and Battle rating difference in one battle has also increased.
This is why air and tank battles in Simulator mode will be united in one mode soon. This will allow pilots to join the battles faster and will improve the in-game balance.
Those who prefer only air battles will be able to choose “Events” mode, where “Duels” will become available once again - fast 4 vs 4 Simulator Battles without nation limits. Match-making will work in the same way as our usual battles in other modes. There will also be historical events for Simulator mode that will still be regularly available.
Finally, Squadron Battles - In Arcade and Realistic mode there are always dozens of Squadrons fighting each other, but the Simulator level of competition is pretty low - few Squadrons join this mode and play only a few battles daily! This is why we have decided to suspend Squadron Battles in Simulation mode beginning on the 16th of June, on this day we will summarize the results and the winners will get their rewards.. Virtual pilots can still fight each other creating a map with individual settings in Custom Battles.
The War Thunder team

Download the file and put it in your War Thunder file. Open the game, go to controls, select the small file icon in the bottom right corner and it will open the War Thunder install file. Just find my config and open it. Make sure to select Full-Real and not Mouse Aim. NOTE: Make sure you save your config before loading mine!

War Thunder Sim Mode

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  2. You got yourself a fine setup, enjoy your simulator time. DCS is great, IL-2 BoS is great and War Thunder is also great in terms of fun and encouragement. Share this post.
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