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Nov 26, 2020 The German tanks excel in the later tiers, with the likes of the iconic Tiger and Panther tanks. Early into your War Thunder experience however, it’s the Russian tanks that steal the show. War Thunder - is the most comprehensive free action MMO, dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft as from World War II and the Cold War, and also modern models. Over 1,800 highly detailed aircraft, helicopters, tanks, warships and other combat vehicles crafted carefully from historical documents and surviving sources.

USA medium tanks
Early projects M2
M3 M3 Lee ·Grant I
M4 M4 ·Calliope ·M4A1 ·M4A1 (76) W ·M4A2 ·M4A2 (76) W ·M4A3 (76) W ·M4A3 (105) ·M4A5
M26 T20 ·T25 ·M26 ·M26 T99 ·M26E1
Post-war M46 ·M46 'Tiger' ·M47 ·M48A1 ·T54E1 ·T95E1
MBT M60 ·M60A1 (AOS) ·M60A1 RISE (P) ·M60A2 ·M60A3 TTS ·MBT-70 ·XM-803
XM-1 (Chrysler) ·XM-1 (GM) ·M1 Abrams ·IPM1 ·M1A1 Abrams ·M1A2 Abrams
Israeli Magach 3 ·Merkava Mk.1 ·Merkava Mk.2B ·Merkava Mk.3D
Turkey M60 AMBT

  1. From War Thunder Wiki. Jump to: navigation. Tanks Hunter Destroyed at least 5 tanks or tank destroyers. Tanks' Nightmare Destroyed at least 10 tanks or tank destroyers. Teamwork The award for destroying enemy vehicles by any member of a squad. It is given to all members of the squad who were near the squadmate that destroyed an enemy unit.
  2. How to play tanks in War Thunder (For real) By Nakirium addict - Achef This guide will help you to learn how to ACTUALLY play War Thunder, yes this ain't Call of Duty, nor World of Tanks, so let's go over the MOST IMPORTANT ways to PLAY and WIN, yes if your team does this you can WIN and stop blaming your defeats on Gaijin, because it's player.
Germany medium tanks
Pz.IV Pz.IV C ·Pz.IV E ·Pz.IV F1 ·Pz.IV F2 ·Pz.IV G ·Pz.IV H ·Pz.IV J ·Pz.Bef.Wg.IV J
Pz.V Panther A ·Panther D ·Panther F ·Panther G ·Ersatz M10 ·Panther II
Trophies ▀M4 748 (a) ·▀T 34 747 (r)
Post-war KPz-70 ·mKPz M47 G ·M48A2 C ·M48A2 G A2 ·M48 Super
Leopard 1 Leopard I ·Leopard A1A1 ·Leopard A1A1 (L/44) ·Leopard 1A5 ·C2A1
Leopard 2 Leopard 2K ·Leopard 2A4 ·Leopard 2 PL ·Leopard 2A5 ·Leopard 2A6

USSR medium tanks
T-28 T-28 ·T-28E ·T-28 (1938)
T-34-76 T-34 (Prototype) ·T-34 (1940) ·T-34 (1941) ·T-34 (1st Gv.T.Br.) ·T-34 (1942) ·T-34E STZ ·T-34E
T-34-57 T-34-57 ·T-34-57 (1943)
T-34-85 T-34-85 (D-5T) ·T-34-85 ·T-34-85E
T-34-100 T-34-100
T-44 T-44 ·T-44-100 ·T-44-122
T-54 T-54 (1947) ·T-54 (1949) ·T-54 (1951)
T-55 T-55A ·T-55AM-1
T-62 T-62 ·T-62M-1
T-64 T-64A (1971) ·T-64B
T-72 T-72A ·T-72AV (TURMS-T) ·T-72B ·T-72B (1989) ·T-72B3
T-80 T-80B ·T-80U
T-90 Т-90А
Trophies/Lend-Lease ▂T-III ·▂T-V ·▂M3 Medium ·▂M4A2 ·▂МК-IX 'Valentine'

Britain medium tanks
Cromwell Cromwell I ·Cromwell V ·Cromwell V (RP-3)
Based on Cromwell Challenger ·Comet I ·Comet I 'Iron Duke IV'
Centurion Centurion Mk 1 ·Centurion Mk 3 ·Centurion Mk.5 AVRE ·Centurion Mk 10 ·Centurion Action X ·FV4202
Chieftain Chieftain Mk 3 ·Chieftain Mk 5 ·Chieftain Mk 10
Challenger Challenger Mk.2 ·Challenger Mk.3 ·Challenger 2 ·Challenger 2 (2F)
Valentine Valentine I ·Valentine IX ·Valentine XI
Vickers Vickers MBT ·Vickers Mk.7
Foreign Grant I(USA) ·Sherman IC 'Trzyniec'(USA) ·Sherman Firefly(USA) ·Sherman II(USA)
A.C.IV(Australia) ·▄Strv 81 (RB 52)(Sweden) ·Centurion Mk.5/1(Australia) ·Sho't Kal Dalet(Israel)
Olifant Mk.1A(South Africa) ·Olifant Mk.2(South Africa) ·TTD(South Africa)

Japan medium tanks
Type 97Chi-Ha ·Chi-Ha Kai ·Chi-Ha Kai TD ·Chi-Ha Short Gun
Type 1Chi-He ·Chi-He (5th Regiment) ·Ho-I
Type 3Chi-Nu ·Chi-Nu II
Type 4Chi-To ·Chi-To Late
Type 5 Chi-Ri II
Type 61 MBTST-A1* ·ST-A2* ·ST-A3* ·Type 61
Type 74 MBTST-B1* ·Type 74 ·Type 74 (F) ·Type 74 (G)
Type 90 MBTType 90 ·Type 90 (B)
USA ▅M4A3 (76) W
*ST-X is prototype stage for said MBT

China medium tanks
Type 59 ·ZTZ59D1 ·Type 69 ·T-69 II G ·ZTZ96 ·ZTZ96A ·ZTZ99
American ␗M4A4 ·M4A4 (1st PTG) ·␗M4A1 (75) W ·␗M48A1 ·M60A3 TTS ·CM11
Soviet ␗T-34 (1943) ·␗Т-34-85 (S-53) ·Т-34-85 Gai ·T-34-85 No.215 ·Т-62 №545
Japanese ␗Chi-Ha ·␗Chi-Ha Kai

Italy medium tanks
M11/39 M11/39
M13/40 M13/40 (I) ·M13/40 (II) ·M13/40 (III)
M14/41 M14/41 ·M14/41 (47/40)
M15/42 M15/42
M16/43 Celere Sahariano
P26/40 P40 ·P40 'G.C. Leoncello'
OF-40 OF-40 ·OF-40 Mk.2A ·OF-40 (MTCA)
Ariete Ariete (P) ·Ariete ·Ariete PSO
Foreign ▄M4 Hybrid ·M4 Tipo IC ·▄Sherman Vc ·▄M4A4
▄Pz.III N ·▄Pz.IV G
M26 'D.C.Ariete' ·M26A1 ·M47 (105/55) ·M60A1 'D.C.Ariete' ·▄Leopard 1A5

France medium tanks
D2 ·S.35 ·Lorraine 40t
AMX AMX M4 ·AMX-32 ·AMX-40 ·AMX-50
AMX-30 AMX-30 ·AMX-30 (1972) ·AMX-30B2 ·AMX-30B2 BRENUS ·AMX-30 ACRA ·AMX-30 Super
Leclerc Leclerc ·Leclerc S2
Based on M4 ▄M4A1 ·M4A1 (FL10) ·▄M4A3 (105) ·▄M4A4 ·M4A4 (SA50)
Foreign Panther 'Dauphiné'(Germany)

Sweden medium tanks
Lago I ·Strv m/42 EH ·Strv m/42 DT ·Strv 81 ·Strv 81 (RB 52)
Strv 101 ·Strv 103-0 ·Strv 103A ·Strv 103С ·Strv 104 ·Strv 121 ·Strv 122A ·Strv 122B PLSS


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