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Keyboard control. You can move around the game interface by using the keyboard arrows which is convenient. But the pointer could sometimes move unpredictably and some buttons and functions were not available to it at all. We have fixed many of the bugs of moving the cursor around the interface elements with this control type. Today I show you how to improve or to setup your joystick controls for War Thunder. I constantly get asked 'how to stop wobbling' in War Thunder. Open Golden eagles. Open Premium account. Open Special offers. IJN Mikuma Pack. USS Helena Pack. German Fiat G.91 R/4 Pack. Swedish Starter Pack. War Thunder: War Thunder: Gamepad with Mouse for Camera / Aim. In this preset a controller works as a gamepad except that the right trackpad is a high precision mouse used typically for target aiming and camera control. Perfectly suits for the players that got used to a mouse or are playing in an arcade mode.

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War Thunder With Xbox Controller

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The 3dRudder provides the most immersive, engaging, and natural way to fly a plane in War Thunder. Because of the innovative 4 axis of movement,the experience is not only mechanically deep, but also incredibly comfortable for any player out there. The signature aerial maneuvers that have made War Thunder such a beloved game by fans, are now even more breathtaking when the 3dRudder comes into play.

When playing War Thunder with the 3dRudder, the handling of each plane is totally smooth and feels weightless, in total contrast to using traditional devices.
There are multiple ways to experience War Thunder with 3dRudder.
For example, in Sim Mode, it is possible to use the 3dRudder to control the camera.
That allows players to free their left hand and allocate it to the keyboard, for commands pertaining to elements such as the engine, map, and air brake.
At the same time, because of the customizable nature of the 3dRudder, every single setup is possible for infinite ways to play.