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Web Jitsi Meet
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  • Test from the web browser. Open the jitsi meet installation domain name meet.hakase-labs.io and you can see the jitsi meet default home page. Type the room name you want to create and click the 'GO' blue button. And your browser will ask you for the microphone and camera use permission. Now you've already joined to the room.
  • 'Jitsi Meet is a fully secure, scalable, easy to use, customizable and feature-rich solution, perfect choice for remote everyday use.' Customer Support: 4.3 / 5 'I love how easy this software is at helping people stay connected. It is very user friendly and they have great customer support.'

Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed. What else can you do with Jitsi Meet? Share your desktop, presentations, and more Invite users to a conference via a simple, custom URL.

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Jitsi Meet Web Development

hosts: {
domain: 'prosody',
muc: 'conference.prosody',// FIXME: use XEP-0030
focus: 'focus.prosody',
disableSimulcast: false,
resolution: 720,
externalConnectUrl: '//localhost/http-pre-bind',
// analyticsScriptUrl: 'https://meet.jit.si/libs/jitsi-analytics-web-client.min.js',
// analyticsScriptUrls: [
// 'https://meet.jit.si/libs/analytics-ga.js',
// 'https://meet.jit.si/libs/jitsi-analytics-web-client.min.js',
// ],
p2pStunServers: [
{urls: 'stun:stun.l.google.com:19302'},
{urls: 'stun:stun1.l.google.com:19302'},
{urls: 'stun:stun2.l.google.com:19302'}
enableP2P: true,// flag to control P2P connections
// New P2P options
p2p: {
enabled: true,
preferH264: true,
disableH264: true,
useStunTurn: true,// use XEP-0215 to fetch STUN and TURN server for the P2P connection
stunServers: [
{urls: 'stun:stun.l.google.com:19302'},
{urls: 'stun:stun1.l.google.com:19302'},
{urls: 'stun:stun2.l.google.com:19302'}
useStunTurn: false,// use XEP-0215 to fetch STUN and TURN server for the JVB connection
useIPv6: false,// ipv6 support. use at your own risk
useNicks: false,
bosh: '//localhost/http-bind',// FIXME: use xep-0156 for that
etherpad_base: 'https://meet.jit.si/etherpad/p/',
clientNode: 'http://jitsi.org/jitsimeet',// The name of client node advertised in XEP-0115 'c' stanza
//deprecated desktop sharing settings, included only because older version of jitsi-meet require them
desktopSharing: 'ext',// Desktop sharing method. Can be set to 'ext', 'webrtc' or false to disable.
chromeExtensionId: 'kglhbbefdnlheedjiejgomgmfplipfeb',// Id of desktop streamer Chrome extension
desktopSharingSources: ['screen','window'],
//new desktop sharing settings
desktopSharingChromeExtId: 'kglhbbefdnlheedjiejgomgmfplipfeb',// Id of desktop streamer Chrome extension
desktopSharingChromeDisabled: false,
desktopSharingChromeSources: ['screen','window','tab'],
desktopSharingChromeMinExtVersion: '',// Required version of Chrome extension
desktopSharingFirefoxExtId: ',
desktopSharingFirefoxDisabled: false,
desktopSharingFirefoxMaxVersionExtRequired: '0',
desktopSharingFirefoxExtensionURL: ',
useRoomAsSharedDocumentName: false,
disableRtx: false,// Enables RTX everywhere
enableRtpStats: false,// Enables RTP stats processing
enableStatsID: true,
openSctp: true,// Toggle to enable/disable SCTP channels
channelLastN: -1,// The default value of the channel attribute last-n.
minHDHeight: 540,
startBitrate: '800',
disableAudioLevels: false,
useRtcpMux: true,
useBundle: true,
disableSuspendVideo: true,
enableLipSync: false,
stereo: false,
forceJVB121Ratio: -1,
enableTalkWhileMuted: true,
// callStatsCustomScriptUrl: 'https://api.callstats.io/static/callstats-ws.min.js',
// hiddenDomain: 'recorder.meet.jit.si',
// enableRecording: true,
// requireDisplayName: false,
// recordingType: 'jibri',
enableWelcomePage: true,
isBrand: false,
logStats: false,
// To enable sending statistics to callstats.io you should provide Applicaiton ID and Secret.
callStatsID: '347489791',//Application ID for callstats.io API
callStatsSecret: '169aw6v+hk9TbVuHN2SiDCgfkkU=',//Secret for callstats.io API
dialInNumbersUrl: 'https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/phoneNumberList',
dialInConfCodeUrl: 'https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/conferenceMapper',
dialOutCodesUrl: 'https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/countrycodes',
dialOutAuthUrl: 'https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/authorizephone',
peopleSearchUrl: 'https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/directorySearch',
inviteServiceUrl: 'https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/conferenceInvite',
peopleSearchQueryTypes: ['user','conferenceRooms'],
startAudioMuted: 9,
startVideoMuted: 9,
enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: false,
// atlassianAnalyticsEventUrl: 'https://analytics.atlassian.com/analytics/event',
// atlassianAnalyticsEvent: {
// product: 'lib-jitsi-meet',
// subproduct: 'hcv-meetjitsi',
// name: 'jitsi.page.load.failed',
// server: 'meet.jit.si'
// },
// deploymentInfo: {
// environment: 'hcv-meetjitsi',
// envType: 'prod',
// shard: 'hcv-meetjitsi-ap-se-1a-s4',
// region: 'ap-southeast-1',
// userRegion: 'ap-southeast-1',
// crossRegion: 'ap-southeast-1' 'ap-southeast-1' ? 0 : 1
// },
abTesting: {
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